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Luzhu District, Taoyuan

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Luzhu District (Chinese: 蘆竹區; pinyin: Lúzhú Qū) is a district in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.


Skyline of Luzhu
Location of Luzhu
Coordinates: 25°02′N 121°17′E / 25.033°N 121.283°E / 25.033; 121.283Coordinates: 25°02′N 121°17′E / 25.033°N 121.283°E / 25.033; 121.283
MunicipalityTaoyuan City
 • MayorChu Chunlai
 • Total75.5025 km2 (29.1517 sq mi)
 (July 2018)
 • Total163,501
 • Density2,200/km2 (5,600/sq mi)
Luzhu District office (then Luzhu Township office)

The downtown district, known as Nankan, is now a high-rise density living suburb for many who work in Taipei and Taoyuan City. The first opened shopping center in Taiwan, "Taimall", is a weekend destination for many Taoyuan regional residents, located in Nankan, too.[1] Taimall is located around 2 kilometers north-northwest of the 'Nankan interchange' on highway no. 1. (N25° 03' 14.7" E121° 17' 18.2")



Luzhu was upgraded to a county-controlled city from the former rural township on 3 June 2014. On 25 December 2014, it was upgraded again to a district named Luzhu District.


  • Area: 75.50 square kilometres (29.15 sq mi)[2]
  • Population: 155,626 (January 2016)[3]

Administrative divisionsEdit

Administrative divisions of Luzhu District

The district is administered as 37 villages: Dazhu, Fuchang, Fulu, Fuxing, Fuzhu, Haihu,Hongzhu, Jinxing, Jinzhong, Jixiang, Kengkou, Kengzi, Luxing, Luzhu, Nankan, Nanrong, Nanxing, Neicuo, Shanbi, Shangxing, Shangzhu, Shanjiao, Shunxing, Waishe, Wayao, Wufu, Xiangchou, Xingrong, Xinxing, Xinzhuang, Yingfu, Yingpan, Zhangshou, Zhangxing, Zhongfu, Zhongshan and Zhongxing.


Industrial Area in Luzhu District

EVA Air maintains its headquarters in Luzhu.[4][5] The headquarters of Evergreen Marine Corporation is also in Luzhu.[6]


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Luzhu is located at kilometer 49 of the Highway no. 1 (English highway signs: 'Nankan interchange' or 'Taoyuan interchange').

Taoyuan Airport MRTEdit

Kengkou Station and Shanbi Station

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