Luxton School

Luxton School is an elementary school in Winnipeg, Manitoba that is part of the Winnipeg School Division. The school is located on Polson Avenue. It opened on May 19, 1907.[1]

In 2008 Luxton was named as one of the top 25 best elementary and middle schools in Canada by Today's Parent magazine.[2] Notable graduates of Luxton are rock musician Burton Cummings,[3] cartoonist James Simpkins[4] and TV writer Johanna Stein.[5][6][7]


Luxton School in 1910, 3 years after construction

In 1906, the site of Luxton was purchased on Polson and Luxton Avenues and the school was built in 1907. It originally contained 14 classrooms and had 338 students and eight teachers. Luxton School was named after W. F. Luxton, who was Winnipeg's first public school teacher. Originally, four rooms in Luxton were dedicated as a technical school, but in 1912, St. John's Technical High School was built and the students were moved to the new school. An eight-room addition was constructed in 1915 and in January 1919 the auditorium was completed. In 1967, grade 7 to 9 students were moved to St. John's. Junior High students returned to Luxton for several years until 1999 when they were again moved out due to an overall decline in enrollment. In 1989, a new gym was built on the west side of the building.


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