Luxembourgish National Road Race Championships

The Luxembourg National Road Race Championship is a cycling race where Luxembourg cyclists decide who will become the champion for the year to come. The event was established in 1922, and a separate Luxembourgish National Time Trial Championships has been held since 1999.

The women's championship was not established until 1959. The most wins were scored by Elsy Jacobs, who won 15 road championships.

The winners of each event are awarded a symbolic cycling jersey which is red, white and blue just like the flag of Luxembourg. These colours can be worn by the rider at other road racing events in the country to show their status as national champion. The champion's stripes can be combined into a sponsored rider's team kit design for this purpose.

Men edit

Luxembourgish National Road Race Championships – Men's elite race
Race details
DisciplineRoad bicycle racing
First edition1922 (1922)[1]
First winnerFranz Heck
Most winsNicolas Frantz (12 wins)
Most recentColin Heiderscheid
Year Gold Silver Bronze
1922 Franz Heck -
1923 Nicolas Frantz Franz Heck -
1924 Nicolas Frantz -
1925 Nicolas Frantz -
1926 Nicolas Frantz -
1927 Nicolas Frantz Nicolas Engel Victor Kirchen
1928 Nicolas Frantz Victor Kirchen -
1929 Nicolas Frantz Victor Kirchen -
1930 Nicolas Frantz -
1931 Nicolas Frantz Jean-Pierre Muller -
1932 Nicolas Frantz -
1933 Nicolas Frantz -
1934 Nicolas Frantz -
1935 Arsène Mersch -
1936[a] Émile Bewing -
1937 Pierre Clemens Jean Majerus -
1938 Mathias Clemens Paul Frantz Jean Majerus
1939 Arsène Mersch Aloyse Klensch -
1940 Lucien Bidinger -
Not held due to World War II
1945 Joseph Bintener Mathias Clemens Jeng Kirchen
1946 Jeng Kirchen Joseph Bintener -
1947 Jean Goldschmit Jeng Kirchen Mathias Clemens
1948 Mathias Clemens Jeng Kirchen Lucien Gillen
1949 Willy Kemp Bim Diederich Jeng Kirchen
1950 Jean Goldschmit Bim Diederich Marcel Ernzer
1951 Jeng Kirchen Willy Kemp Bim Diederich
1952 Johny Goedert Willy Kemp Marcel Ernzer
1953 Marcel Ernzer Bim Diederich Charly Gaul
1954 Marcel Ernzer Charly Gaul Jean-Pierre Schmitz
1955[a] Marcel Ernzer Willy Kemp François Gehlhausen
1956[a] Charly Gaul Marcel Ernzer Jean-Pierre Schmitz
1957 Charly Gaul Marcel Ernzer Willy Kemp
1958[a] Jean-Pierre Schmitz Charly Gaul Marcel Ernzer
1959 Charly Gaul Jean-Pierre Schmitz Marcel Ernzer
1960 Charly Gaul Jean-Pierre Schmitz Aldo Bolzan
1961 Charly Gaul Marcel Ernzer Aldo Bolzan
1962 Charly Gaul Roger Thull Bruno Martinato
1963[a] Roger Thull Lucien Gillen -
1964[a] Roger Thull -
1965[a] Johny Schleck Roger Thull -
1966[a] Edy Schütz Johny Schleck -
1967[a] Edy Schütz Johny Schleck -
1968[a] Edy Schütz Johny Schleck Roland Smaniotto
1969[a] Edy Schütz Roger Gilson -
1970[a] Edy Schütz -
1971[a] Edy Schütz -
1972[a] Roger Gilson -
1973[a] Johny Schleck Roger Gilson -
1974[b] Roger Gilson Erny Kirchen Jean Becker
1975[b] Roger Gilson Jean Becker -
1976[b] Roger Gilson -
1977[b] Lucien Didier Marcel Thull Roger Gilson
1978[b] Lucien Didier -
1979[b] Lucien Didier -
1980[b] Lucien Didier -
1981[b] Eugène Urbany -
1982[b] Eugène Urbany[c] -
1983[b] Eugène Urbany -
1984[b] Claude Michely -
1985[b] Claude Michely -
1986[b] Enzo Mezzapesa -
1987[a] Enzo Mezzapesa Claude Michely -
1988[a] Enzo Mezzapesa Claude Michely -
1989[b] Pascal Triebel -
1990 Pascal Kohlvelter -
Not held
1996 Enzo Mezzapesa Benny Schaack[d] Daniel Bintz
1997 Daniel Bintz Christian Poos Enzo Mezzapesa
1998 Tom Flammang Vincenzo Centrone Pascal Triebel[e]
1999 Kim Kirchen Benoît Joachim Max Becker
2000 Benoît Joachim Christian Poos Fränk Schleck
2001 Christian Poos Benoît Joachim Kim Kirchen
2002 Christian Poos Vincenzo Centrone Steve Fogen
2003 Benoît Joachim Marc Vanacker Christian Poos
2004 Kim Kirchen Fränk Schleck Benoît Joachim
2005 Fränk Schleck Kim Kirchen Andy Schleck
2006 Kim Kirchen Fränk Schleck Andy Schleck
2007 Benoît Joachim Christian Poos Fränk Schleck
2008 Fränk Schleck Benoît Joachim Christian Poos
2009 Andy Schleck Laurent Didier Fränk Schleck
2010 Fränk Schleck Andy Schleck Ben Gastauer
2011 Fränk Schleck Andy Schleck Laurent Didier
2012 Laurent Didier Ben Gastauer Fränk Schleck
2013 Bob Jungels Pit Schlechter Jempy Drucker
2014 Fränk Schleck Ben Gastauer Andy Schleck
2015 Bob Jungels Ben Gastauer Pit Schlechter
2016 Bob Jungels Alex Kirsch Fränk Schleck
2017 Bob Jungels Alex Kirsch Ben Gastauer
2018 Bob Jungels Alex Kirsch Tim Diederich
2019 Bob Jungels Kevin Geniets Pit Leyder
2020 Kevin Geniets Bob Jungels Jempy Drucker
2021 Kevin Geniets Jempy Drucker Loïc Bettendorff
2022[2] Colin Heiderscheid Noé Ury Alexandre Kess

Women edit

Luxembourgish National Road Race Championships – Women's elite race
Race details
DisciplineRoad bicycle racing
First edition1959 (1959)[3]
First winnerElsy Jacobs
Most winsElsy Jacobs (15 wins)
Most recentChristine Majerus
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1959 Elsy Jacobs Cilly Debras -
1960 Elsy Jacobs Fernande Ludwig Irène Gilson
1961 Elsy Jacobs Fernande Ludwig Gisèle Jacob
1962 Elsy Jacobs Marceline Reinert Gisèle Jacob
1963 Elsy Jacobs Gisèle Jacob Fernande Ludwig
1964 Elsy Jacobs -
1965 Elsy Jacobs Monique Morth -
1966 Elsy Jacobs Mady Morth Monique Morth
1967 Elsy Jacobs Mady Morth -
1968 Elsy Jacobs -
1969 Sylvie Welter Marianne Molitor -
1970 Elsy Jacobs Sylvie Welter Irène Engelmann
1971 Elsy Jacobs Irène Engelmann -
1972 Elsy Jacobs Irène Engelmann Monique Morth
1973 Elsy Jacobs Irène Engelmann -
1974 Elsy Jacobs -
1983 Simone Steffen Thessy Reding Pascale Meysembourg
1984 Tessi Wolter Simone Steffen Patricia Neuens
1985 Simone Steffen Denise Landa Patricia Neuens
1986 Simone Steffen Danielle Linden Danielle Konter
1987 Danielle Linden Sandra Gatti Romaine Marbach
1988 Tanja Reuland Danielle Linden Romaine Marbach
1989 Tanja Reuland Danielle Linden Romaine Marbach
1990 Tanja Reuland Joëlle Witry Tania Bettel
1991 Tanja Reuland Denise Landa Tania Bettel
1992 Tania Bettel Pierrette Klein Denise Landa
1993 Denise Landa Tania Bettel Eileen Ronk
1994 Myriam Keller Suzie Godart Denise Landa
1995 Myriam Keller Suzie Godart Nathalie Halle
1996 Myriam Keller Nora Oliboni Tessi Wolter
1997 Myriam Keller Suzie Godart Nora Oliboni
1998 Suzie Godart Tanja Wintersdorf Nathalie Jolink
1999 Tanja Wintersdorf Nathalie Jolink Laurence Kipgen
2000 Tanja Wintersdorf Suzie Godart Lea Schmitt
2001 Suzie Godart Danielle Lentz Isabelle Hoffmann
2002 Danielle Lentz Isabelle Hoffmann Tanja Wintersdorf
2003 Isabelle Hoffmann Christine Kovelter Danielle Lentz
2004 Luxembourg Isabelle Hoffmann Suzie Godart Betty Kinn
2005 Luxembourg Nathalie Lamborelle Isabelle Hoffmann Betty Kinn
2006 Erpeldange Isabelle Hoffmann Anne-Marie Schmitt Nathalie Lamborelle
2007 Luxembourg Suzie Godart Anne-Marie Schmitt Christine Majerus
2008 Nathalie Lamborelle Christine Majerus Suzie Godart
2009 Differdange Nathalie Lamborelle Christine Majerus Anne-Marie Schmitt
2010 Hesperange Christine Majerus Nathalie Lamborelle Suzie Godart
2011 Diekirch Christine Majerus Nathalie Lamborelle Anne-Marie Schmitt
2012 Tétange Christine Majerus Nathalie Lamborelle Anne-Marie Schmitt
2013 Dippach Christine Majerus Nathalie Lamborelle Chantal Hoffmann
2014 Mamer Christine Majerus Chantal Hoffmann Carmen Coljon
2015 Wiltz Christine Majerus Elise Maes Chantal Hoffmann
2016 Berbourg Christine Majerus Chantal Hoffmann Nathalie Lamborelle
2017 Remerschen Christine Majerus Elise Maes Anne-Sophie Harsch
2018 Redange Christine Majerus Elise Maes Anne-Sophie Harsch
2019 Sanem Christine Majerus Chantal Hoffmann Laurence Thill
2020 Mamer Christine Majerus Pia Wiltgen Mia Berg
2021 Christine Majerus Sophie Margue Mia Berg
2022[4] Nospelt Christine Majerus Isabella Klein

Notes edit

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  3. ^ Lucien Didier initially finished first, but was disqualified for doping.
  4. ^ Claude Entringer finished second on the road, but was relegated to fourth place, due to irregular sprinting.
  5. ^ Pascal Triebel initially finished third, but was disqualified for doping.

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