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Lutjanus is a genus of snappers found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. They are predatory fish usually found in tropical and subtropical reefs, and mangrove forests.[1] This genus also includes two species (L. fuscescens and L. maxweberi) that only occur in fresh and brackish waters.[1]

Lutjanus kasmira
Scientific classification

Bloch, 1790
Type species
Lutjanus lutjanus
Bloch, 1790
  • Bennettia Fowler, 1904
  • Diacope Cuvier, 1815
  • Evoplites Gill, 1862
  • Genyoroge Cantor, 1849
  • Hobar Forsskål, 1775 (not used)
  • Jordanichthys Evermann & Clark, 1928
  • Loxolutjanus Fowler, 1931
  • Lutianus Bloch, 1790 (misspelling by original and subsequent authors)
  • Mesoprion Cuvier, 1828
  • Naqua Forsskål, 1775 (not available)
  • Neomaenis Girard, 1858
  • Neomesoprion Castelnau, 1875
  • Parkia Fowler, 1904
  • Percaprionodes Fowler, 1944
  • Rabirubia Jordan & Fesler, 1893
  • Raizero Jordan & Fesler, 1893
  • Rhomboplitoides Fowler, 1918


Currently, 73 recognized species are placed in this genus:[2]


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