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Luther Brown

Luther Brown is a Canadian choreographer/artistic director. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, and raised in Toronto, Ontario, he is known as a hip hop dance choreographer, as well as a regular choreographer for the television dance competition So You Think You Can Dance Canada.[2][1]

Luther Brown
Born Kingston, Jamaica
Residence Toronto/Los Angeles
Occupation Choreographer/Artistic Director
Home town Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Awards 2007 Choreography Media Awards, Outstanding Choreography in a Commercial [1]

Choreography for So You Think You Can DanceEdit

Season Week Dancers Style Music
Season 1 (Canada) Week 3 Tamina Pollack-Paris
Joey Matt
Hip-Hop "Ditch That..."—The-Dream
Week 4 Arassay Reyes
Nico Archambault
"Don't Touch Me (Throw da Water on 'em)"—Busta Rhymes
Week 5 Allie Bertram
Danny Arbour
"In The Ayer"—Flo Rida feat.
Week 7 Lisa Auguste
Nico Archambault
"Whatever You Like"—T.I.
Week 8 Allie Bertram
Izaak Smith
"Tell Me"—Diddy feat. Christina Aguilera
Finale Top 20 "Get Up"—50 Cent
Season 2 (Canada) Week 3 Jayme Rae Dailey
Daniel Dory
Hip-Hop "Pucker Up"—Ciara
Week 4 Melanie Mah
Cody Bonnell
"Turnin Me On"—Keri Hilson feat Lil Wayne
Week 5 Kim Gingras
Emanuel Sandhu
"Respect My Conglomerate"—Busta Rhymes feat Lil Wayne & Jadakiss
Week 5 Top 12
Group Routine
"The Jump Off"—Lil' Kim feat Mr Cheeks
Week 7 Kim Gingras
Cody Bonnell
"Humpin' Around"—Bobby Brown
Week 8 Melanie Mah
Everett Smith
"That's Right"—Ciara

He also made a guest appearance on a Canadian TV show The Next Step (2013 TV series).


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