The Lumbriculidae are a family of microdrile oligochaetes common in freshwater environments, including streams, lakes, marshes, wells and groundwater. They should not be confused with the earthworm family Lumbricidae. Many species and genera are highly endemic, mainly in Siberia and the western parts of North America. Lumbriculidae are the only family in the order Lumbriculida.[1]

Lumbriculidae unknown species (cropped).jpg
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Annelida
Class: Clitellata
Order: Lumbriculida
Family: Lumbriculidae
Vejdovský, 1884

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The family contains:

  • Bichaeta
Bichaeta sanguinea
  • Cookidrilus
Cookidrilus speluncaeus
Subgenus Eclipidrilus
Eclipidrilus frigidus
Eclipidrilus asymmetricus
Eclipidrilus ithys
Subgenus Leptodrilus
Eclipidrilus fontanus
Eclipidrilus lacustris
Subgenus Premnodrilus
Eclipidrilus daneus
Eclipidrilus palustris
Incertae sedis
Eclipidrils pacificus
Eremidrilus allegheniensis
Eremidrilus coyote
Eremidrilus elegans
Eremidrilus felini
Eremidrilus ritocsi
  • Eumuliercula
Eumuliercula casta
Eumuliercula emendata
  • Guestphalinus
Guestphalinus wiardi
  • Hrabea
Hrabea ogumai
Kincaidiana hexatheca
Kincaidiana freidris
Lamprodrilus achaetus
Lamprodrilus ammophagus
Lamprodrilus bulbosus
Lamprodrilus wagneri
Lamprodrilus mrazeki
Lamprodrilus nigrescens
Lamprodrilus pygmaeus
Lamprodrilus isoporus
Lamprodrilus michaelseni
Lamprodrilus bythius
Lamprodrilus satyriscus
Lamprodrilus melanotus
Lamprodrilus pallidus
Lamprodrilus dybowskyi
Lamprodrilus inflatus
Lamprodrilus issossimovi
Lamprodrilus jamburaensis
Lamprodrilus novikovae
Lamprodrilus polytoreutus
Lamprodrilus secernus
Lamprodrilus semenkewitschi
Lamprodrilus stigmatias
Lamprodrilus tolli
Agriodrilus vermivorus
Teleuscolex baicalensis
Teleuscolex grubei
Teleuscolex korotneffi
Teleuscolex glaber
  • Lamprortus
Lamprortus orientalis
Lumbriculus variegatus
Lumbriculus ambiguus
Lumbriculus multiatriatus
Lumbriculus genitosetosus
Lumbriculus inconstans
Lumbriculus sachalinicus
Lumbriculus olgae
Lumbriculus alexandrovi
Lumbriculus kareliensis
Lumbriculus illex
Lumbriculus kolymensis
Lumbriculus tetraporophorus
Lumbriculus japonicus
Lumbriculus mukoensis
Phagodrilus laqueus
Phagodrilus balchi
Phagodrilus baueri
Phagodrilus chetcoensis
Phagodrilus hauserensis
Phagodrilus johnsoni
Phagodrilus klamathensis
Phagodrilus macnabi
Phagodrilus minimus
Phagodrilus oregonensis
Phagodrilus parvus
Phagodrilus pereditus
Phagodrilus phoebe
Phagodrilus secundus
Phagodrilus stellatus
Subgenus Rhynchelmis
Rhynchelmis brachycephala
Rhynchelmis granuensis
Rhynchelmis komareki
Rhynchelmis limosella
Rhynchelmis tetratheca
Rhynchelmis vagensis
Rhynchelmis vejdovskyi
Subgenus Rhynchelmoides
Rhynchelmis alaskana
Rhynchelmis elrodi
Rhynchelmis glandula
Rhynchelmis saxosa
Subgenus Sutroa
Rhynchelmis gilensis
Rhynchelmis gustafsoni
Rhynchelmis monsserratus
Rhynchelmis rostrata
Rhynchelmis utahensis
Rhynclemis yakimorum
Incertae sedis
Rhynchelmis aleutensis
Rhynchelmis brooksi
Rhynchelmis malevici
Rhynchelmis orientalis
  • Pseudorhynchelmis [3]
Pseudorhynchelmis alyonae
Pseudorhynchelmis anomala
Pseudorhynchelmis dissimilis
Pseudorhynchelmis minimaris
Pseudorhynchelmis olchoensis
Pseudorhynchelmis paraolchonensis
Pseudorhynchelmis parva
Pseudorhynchelmis semernoyi
Pseudorhynchelmis shamanensis
Pseudorhynchelmis spermatochaeta
  • Secubelmis
Secubelmis limpida
  • Spelaedrilus
Spelaedrilus multiporus
Subgenus Stylodrilus
Stylodrilus absoloni
Stylodrilus asiaticus
Stylodrilus aurantiacus
Stylodrilus brachystylus
Stylodrilus californianus
Stylodrilus cernosvitovi
Stylodrilus chukotensis
Stylodrilus contractus
Stylodrilus crassus
Stylodrilus curvithecus
Stylodrilus elongatus
Stylodrilus glandulosus
Stylodrilus gracilis
Stylodrilus heringianus
Stylodrilus insperatus
Stylodrilus lankesteri
Stylodrilus lemani
Stylodrilus leucocephalus
Stylodrilus longiatriatus
Stylodrilus minutus
Stylodrilus mirandus
Stylodrilus mirus
Stylodrilus mollis
Stylodrilus opisthoannulatus
Stylodrilus parvus
Stylodrilus subcarpathicus
Stylodrilus subitus
Stylodrilus sulcatus
Stylodrilus sulci
Stylodrilus suputensis
Stylodrilus wahkeenensis
Subgenus Bythonomus
Stylodrilus beattiei
Stylodrilus sovaliki
Stylodrilus tschaunensis
Subgenus Styloscolex
Styloscolex asymmetricus
Styloscolex baikalensis
Styloscolex burowi
Styloscolex chorioidalis
Styloscolex japonicus
Styloscolex kolmakowi
Styloscolex opisthothecus
Styloscolex solzanicus
Styloscolex swarczewski
Styloscolex tetrathecus
Styloscolex tubulatus
Subgenus Neoscolex
Styloscolex levanidovi
Styloscolex macer
Styloscolex sokolskajae
  • Tatriella
Tatriella slovenica
Tatriella longiatriata
  • Tenagodrilus
Tenagodrilus musculus
Trichodrilus allobrogum
Trichodrilus anglieri
Trichodrilus aporophorus
Trichodrilus bonheurensis
Trichodrilus cantabrigiensis
Trichodrilus capilliformis
Trichodrilus cernosvitovi
Trichodrilus claparedei
Trichodrilus culveri
Trichodrilus diversisetosus
Trichodrilus gordeevi
Trichodrilus hrabei
Trichodrilus icenorum
Trichodrilus intermedius
Trichodrilus itchaensis
Trichodrilus leruthi
Trichodrilus longipenis
Trichodrilus macroporophorus
Trichodrilus medius
Trichodrilus montenegrensis
Trichodrilus moravicus
Trichodrilus pauper
Trichodrilus pragensis
Trichodrilus ptujensis
Trichodrilus rouchi
Trichodrilus seirei
Trichodrilus sketi
Trichodrilus stammeri
Trichodrilus strandi
Trichodrilus tacensis
Trichodrilus tatrensis
Trichodrilus tenuis
  • Wsewolodus
Wsewolodus mixtus
  • Yamaguchia
Yamaguchia toyensis


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