LuK Challenge Chrono

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LuK Challenge Chrono was a road bicycle race held annually as a team time trial for pairs in Bühl, Germany. In 2005 and 2006, the race was organized as a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour. After 2006, the sponsor, LuK, withdrew as part of Germany's general disengagement from cycling amidst a number of doping scandals, and the race did not take place again.

LuK Challenge Chrono
Race details
DateLate July - Early August
RegionRastatt, Germany
English nameLuK Challenge Chrono
Local name(s)LuK Challenge Chrono (in German)
DisciplineRoad race
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeTeam Time Trial
First edition1968 (1968)
Final edition2006
First winner
Final winner


Year Country Rider Team
1968   Italy Vittorio Adorni (victory shared with Ferdinand Bracke)
1968   Belgium Ferdinand Bracke (victory shared with Vittorio Adorni)
1969   Belgium Herman van Springel (victory shared with Roger De Vlaeminck)
1969   Belgium Roger De Vlaeminck (victory shared with Herman van Springel)
1971   Belgium Eddy Merckx (victory shared with Herman van Springel)
1971   Belgium Herman van Springel (victory shared with Eddy Merckx)
1989   France Laurent Fignon (victory shared with Thierry Marie)
1989   France Thierry Marie (victory shared with Laurent Fignon)
1992   Germany Dominik Krieger (victory shared with Tony Rominger)
1992    Switzerland Tony Rominger (victory shared with Dominik Krieger)
1993   Italy Gianni Bugno (victory shared with Maurizio Fondriest)
1993   Italy Maurizio Fondriest (victory shared with Gianni Bugno)
1994   Germany Jens Lehmann (victory shared with Tony Rominger)
1994    Switzerland Tony Rominger (victory shared with Jens Lehmann)
1995   Italy Andrea Chiurato (victory shared with Tony Rominger)
1995    Switzerland Tony Rominger (victory shared with Andrea Chiurato)
1996   Great Britain Chris Boardman (victory shared with Uwe Peschel)
1996   Germany Uwe Peschel (victory shared with Chris Boardman)
1997    Switzerland Oscar Camenzind (victory shared with Johan Museeuw)
1997   Belgium Johan Museeuw (victory shared with Oscar Camenzind)
1998   Germany Udo Bölts (victory shared with Christian Henn)
1998   Germany Christian Henn (victory shared with Udo Bölts)
1999   Great Britain Chris Boardman (victory shared with Jens Voigt)
1999   Germany Jens Voigt (victory shared with Chris Boardman)
2000   Germany Michael Rich (victory shared with Torsten Schmidt)
2000   Germany Torsten Schmidt (victory shared with Michael Rich)
2001   France Florent Brard (victory shared with Christophe Moreau)
2001   France Christophe Moreau (victory shared with Florent Brard)
2002   Germany Uwe Peschel (victory shared with Michael Rich)
2002   Germany Michael Rich (victory shared with Uwe Peschel)
2003   Germany Sebastian Lang (victory shared with Michael Rich)
2003   Germany Michael Rich (victory shared with Sebastian Lang)
2004   United States Bobby Julich (victory shared with Jens Voigt)
2004   Germany Jens Voigt (victory shared with Bobby Julich)
2005   United States Bobby Julich (victory shared with Jens Voigt)
2005   Germany Jens Voigt (victory shared with Bobby Julich)
2006   Germany Markus Fothen (victory shared with Sebastian Lang)
2006   Germany Sebastian Lang (victory shared with Markus Fothen)

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