Luitgard (Frankish queen)

Luitgard (died 4 June 800) was the last wife of Charlemagne.[1]

Queen consort of the Franks
Died4 June 800
SpouseCharlemagne (m. c. 794)

Luitgard was the daughter of an Alamannian count. She married Charlemagne in 794 and died of unknown causes on 4 June 800. She and Charlemagne had no children.

According to 15th century chronicles from Oxford University, Luitgard had a sister, Redburga/Redburh, who met Ecgberht, later to be King of Wessex, while he was exiled in West Francia by Beorhtric of Wessex and Offa of Mercia; the two later married.


  1. ^ According to historians such as Pierre Riché (The Carolingians, p.86.) and Lewis Thorpe (Two Lives of Charlemagne, p.216), she was his fourth wife. Other historians list Himiltrude, described by Einhard as a concubine, as Charlemagne's first wife, and reorder his subsequent wives; accordingly Luitgard is sometimes numbered as his fifth wife. See Dieter Hägemann (Karl der Große. Herrscher des Abendlands, Ullstein 2003, p. 82f.), Collins (Charlemagne, p. 40.).
Preceded by Queen of the Franks
c. 794–800
Succeeded by