Luisa Fernanda (zarzuela)

Luisa Fernanda is a romantic zarzuela in three acts by Federico Moreno Torroba. It has been performed more than 10,000 times.[1] The libretto, in Spanish, is by Federico Romero and Guillermo Fernández Shaw. The first performance took place at Teatro Calderón in Madrid on 26 March 1932. It was Moreno Torroba’s fourth zarzuela, his first to receive great acclaim.[2]


Role Voice type Premiere Cast, 26 March 1932
(Conductor: - )
Luisa Fernanda mezzo-soprano Selica Pérez Carpio
Vidal Hernando baritone[3] Emilio Sagi Barba
Duchess Carolina soprano Laura Nieto
Javier Moreno tenor Faustino Arregui
Mariana mezzo-soprano
Anibal tenor
Don Luis baritone

Selected recordingsEdit

Year Cast
(Luisa Fernanda, Vidal Hernando, Carolina, Javier)
Opera House and Orchestra
2006 Nancy Herrera,
Plácido Domingo,
Mariola Cantarero,
José Bros
Jesús López-Cobos,
Teatro Real Orchestra and Chorus
DVD: Opus Arte
Cat: 009478 00969

Note: "Cat:" is short for catalogue number by the label company.


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