Luis de Valdivia

Luis de Valdivia (Spanish pronunciation: [lwis ðe βalˈðiβja]; 1560 – November 5, 1642) was a Spanish Jesuit missionary who defended the rights of the natives of Chile and pleaded for the reduction of the hostilities with the Mapuches in the Arauco War.

Following the 1598 revolt of the Mapuche in Araucanía and their destruction of seven Spanish cities, Luis de Valdivia, successfully advocated the establishment of a border, and the replacement of military campaigns by missionary work that, from their point of view, would attempt the religious conquest of the rebellious Mapuche. His campaigns, called the Defensive War, aroused the initial support of the Spanish monarchy, but over the years it was considered a failure and left Valdivia in disrepute.


Valdivia wrote a grammar, vocabulary and religious texts of the Huarpean languages.[1]

Some of his works include:

Textos Millcayac has been re-published in Márquez (1943)[1] and Tornello et al. (2011).[2]


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