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Ludmila (wife of Mieszko I Tanglefoot)

Ludmila (d. October 20 after 1210) was the wife of Mieszko I Tanglefoot. Her origins are disputed.

High Duchess consort of Poland
Died20 October, after 1210
SpouseMieszko I Tanglefoot
IssueCasimir I of Opole
HouseHouse of Piast

Mieszko I Tanglefoot married Ludmila between 1170-1178. Given her name, scientists[dubious ] think that Ludmila came from Bohemia, a member of the Přemyslid dynasty, since this was one of the only families to have women in it called Ludmila. However researchers have different opinions. It was suggested that she was daughter of Otto III, Duke of Olomouc and his wife Durantia, probably the daughter of Mstislav I of Kiev by his second wife Liubava Dmitrievna.[1] There was also a minority hypothesis that Ludmila was daughter of Soběslav I, Duke of Bohemia, Conrad II, Duke of Znojmo[2] or Vladimir, Duke of Olomouc.[3]

Ludmilla contributed to the foundation of the Norbertine monastery in Rybnik, who was later transferred to Czarnowąsy.

Mieszko and Ludmila had the following children:

  1. Casimir I (b. ca. 1179/80 - d. 13 May 1230).
  2. Ludmilla (d. 24 January aft. 1200).
  3. Agnes (d. 9 May aft. 1200).
  4. Euphrosyne (d. 25 May aft. 1200).
  5. Ryksa (d. aft. 24 September 1239).[4]


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Ludmila (wife of Mieszko I Tanglefoot)
 Died: c. 1210
Royal titles
Preceded by
Grzymislawa of Luck
High Duchess consort of Poland
Succeeded by
Grzymislawa of Luck