Iart Luca Shytaj (born 3 February 1986) is an Albanian-Italian chess grandmaster and virologist.

Luca Shytaj
Shytaj,Luca 2019 Radenci.jpg
Luca Shytaj, Mitropa Cup 2019
Full nameIart Luca Shytaj
Born3 February 1986 (1986-02-03) (age 37)
Tirana, People's Socialist Republic of Albania
TitleGrandmaster (2018)
FIDE rating2458 (May 2023)
Peak rating2507 (September 2011)

Chess careerEdit

Born on 3 February 1986, Shytaj won the Albanian Chess Championship in 2003. He earned his international master (IM) title in 2006, and won the Italian Rapid Chess Championship in 2009.[1] He achieved his first grandmaster (GM) norm at the Arctic Chess Challenge in August 2009, his second during the 2016/17 Chess Bundesliga season, and his third at the Mulhouse Festival in July 2018. He was awarded the title in October 2018.[2] He is the 14th Italian player to achieve the title of GM.[3][4]

Shytaj represented Albania at the 36th and 37th Chess Olympiads, and Italy at the 38th Chess Olympiad.[5]

Scientific careerEdit

Shytaj received a bachelor's degree in biology from the Sapienza University of Rome, and a master's degree in genetics and molecular biology from the same university.[1] His Ph.D. thesis, which resulted in a functional cure of AIDS in macaques,[6] was named as one of the three best presentations at HIV Dart 2012, an international conference on drug development processes in antiretroviral research.[7] As of 2017, Shytaj works at Heidelberg University.[8]

Personal lifeEdit

Shytaj was born in Tirana. He moved to Italy with his parents at age six, and he became an Italian citizen in 2007.[1] He married German GM Elisabeth Pähtz in September 2015.[9] They separated in 2018.


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