Lu Han (Chinese: 鹿晗, born April 20, 1990), also known mononymously as Luhan, is a Chinese singer and actor. He was a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its sub-group Exo-M, before leaving the group in October 2014.[1] That year, he was ranked the sixth most popular entertainment star in China by China National Radio.[2] In 2017, Lu Han was listed as the second highest-paid celebrity in the Forbes China Celebrity 100, behind only Fan Bingbing.[3]

Lu Han
鹿晗合肥路演 (1).jpg
Luhan in 2019
Born (1990-04-20) April 20, 1990 (age 32)
Beijing, China
Alma materSeoul Institute of the Arts
  • Singer
  • Dancer
  • Actor
Years active2011–present
(m. 2022)
Musical career
OriginSeoul, South Korea
  • SM
  • LuHan Studio
Formerly of
Chinese name
Korean name

Lu Han released his solo debut album Reloaded in 2015, and has starred in several box office hits such as 20 Once Again (2015), The Witness (2015), and Time Raiders (2016). In 2017, he starred in his first television series, Fighter of the Destiny.

Early life

Lu Han was born on April 20, 1990 in Haidian, Beijing. He graduated from Beijing Shida Middle School and attended Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School before leaving for South Korea to attend Yonsei University as an exchange student. He majored in Applied Music at the Seoul Institute of the Arts.

In 2008, Lu Han unsuccessfully auditioned for JYP Entertainment at their global audition in China. In 2010, while studying in Seoul, he was scouted while in Myeong-dong by an SM Entertainment representative who recommended he audition for the company; after which he became a trainee under the agency.

Music career

2011–2014: Exo

Luhan at the EXO Lost Planet in Singapore, August 23, 2014

Along with Tao, Chen, and Kai, Luhan made his first televised performance at the SBS Gayo Daejeon on December 29, 2011. Following this appearance, he was the second member of Exo to be officially introduced, as one of the four Chinese members of the group and its Mandarin-language sub-group Exo-M.[4]

On October 10, 2014, Luhan filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to nullify his contract and effectively left Exo.[1]

2015–2016: Solo debut and first tour

Luhan often contributed to the soundtracks of movies he participated in. He sung the theme song for 20 Once Again, titled "Our Tomorrow". The music video of the song surpassed 1 million views in 47 minutes, setting a new record.[5] He then released a rendition of "Tian mi mi" for the film Comrades: Almost a Love Story. Director Peter Chan is said to have asked Luhan to participate due to his gentle and clear voice as he felt it would be effective in expressing the emotions of the song.[6]

Luhan first announced his solo album in July 2015, where he will collaborate with famous producer Djemba Djemba. This is also Djemba's first time producing an album for an Asian artist. The same month, he collaborated with David Tao in a bidding song for the 2022 Winter Olympics held in Beijing.[7]

Luhan's first digital album Reloaded I was released on September 10, 2015 via QQ Music charts. It sold 880,000 copies on the first day, the highest recorded sales number on the first day of official release. Reloaded I also reached over one million sales on QQ Music, setting the record for fastest digital album sales.[8] In November, he released the single "Medals", which also serves as the soundtrack for the 2015 film The Witness. Medals topped the V Chart as well as Billboard Hot 100, becoming the first Mandarin single to top the latter.[9] In December, he released "Deep", a promotional song for the Chinese version of Kungfu Panda 3.[10]

Luhan's first studio album, Reloaded was released on December 14, 2015. The album topped the Tower Records chart in Japan, and became the only album from mainland China to enter the Top 5 of Taiwan's G-Music year-end chart.[11][12] Reloaded sold over 3 million copies and was also certified platinum by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, becoming the first album in mainland China to do so.[13]

Luhan attended the QQ Music Awards, winning the Best Digital Album of the Year for Reloaded as well as the Best Male Singer of the Year. He then embarked on his first solo concert tour, the "Luhan Reloaded: 2016 Luhan 1st China Tour".[14] The tour traveled to Beijing on March 26, Guangzhou on April 2, and Shanghai on April 9. The same month, he won the All-round Artist of the Year and Media Recommended Album of the Year awards at the Chinese Golden Charts Awards; and the Album of the Year and Artist of the Year awards at the 4th V Chart Awards. He is also the first Chinese singer to achieve a double platinum record, having sold over 2 million copies of Reloaded I.[15][16]

2016–present: XXVII (27)

Luhan performing at Hangzhou, 2018

Starting from late 2016, Luhan announced that he will be releasing a series of albums under the theme "XXVII", which stands for “Xperience”, “Xplore”, “Venture”, “Imagination" and "I". The albums are meant to document Luhan's growth story at the age of 27.[17]

On October 21, 2016, Luhan unveiled his third digital album Xperience with the track "Catch Me When I Fall". The song is jointly produced by Santell, whom participated in Luhan's first solo album Reloaded, and the Picard Brothers, a French producer team who has crafted songs for Diplo and Chris Brown.[18] On December 27, 2016, he published his fourth digital album Xplore, containing the tracks "Winter Song" and "Skin to Skin".[19] "Skin to Skin' is Luhan's second English-language song, and incorporates various genres such as R&B, Future Bass, Electro and House.[20]

On February 21, 2017, Luhan unveiled his fifth digital album Venture with the songs "What if I Said" and "Roleplay".[21] He participated in writing the lyrics for the track "Roleplay", which details his own experience in dealing with harassment from the paparazzi.[22][23] "Imagination" was released in April 2017 and consisted of two tracks – "On Call" (his first attempt at the fusion jazz genre) and "Say It".[24] "I", the last part of the album series, was released in June 2017 with two songs "Set It Off" and "On Fire".[25]

On July 20, 2017, Luhan won the "Album of the Year" award at the Asian Music Gala for the XXVII album series.[26] On September 9, 2017, he released a single for the soundtrack of the film Sky Hunter.[27]

On April 17, 2019, Luhan released a single album, π-volume.1, which sold over 3.4 million copies.[28] On August 30, 2019, he released a second single album, π-volume.2, which sold over 1.2 million copies.[29]

On January 17, 2020, Luhan released a single, "Dream Up", to promote his third concert tour.[30]

Television and film career

Luhan made his film debut in the 2015 film 20 Once Again, the Chinese remake of the Korean hit movie Miss Granny.[31] It topped box office charts and broke records to become the highest-grossing Korean-Chinese co-produced film.[32] For his performance, he won the "Newcomer of the Year" award at the Beijing International Film Festival, as well as the "Most Popular Actor" award at the Beijing College Student Film Festival.[33][34] The same year, he joined the cast of Hurry Up, Brother, a spin-off from the original South Korean variety program Running Man.[35] Luhan then starred opposite Yang Mi in the crime thriller The Witness, a remake of the 2011 Korean movie Blind.[36]

In 2016, he starred in the fantasy-action-adventure film Time Raiders, based on the online novel series Tomb Raiders. The film premiered on August 5 and topped box office charts, becoming the biggest summer hit of 2016.[37] He then featured in The Great Wall, a historical epic directed by Zhang Yimou.[38]

In 2017, Luhan starred in his first television drama Fighter of the Destiny, a fantasy wuxia series based on the novel of the same name.[39] In June, he was cast in the youth sports drama Sweet Combat alongside Guan Xiaotong.[40] In September, it was announced that Luhan was cast in the upcoming science fiction film Shanghai Fortress alongside Shu Qi. The film is adapted from the 2006 novel Once Upon a Time in Shanghai and was released in 2019.[41]

In the media

Luhan has been dubbed by foreign media as the Chinese counterpart of popular pop star Justin Bieber, due to his massive popularity and dedicated fandom in China. The term "Luhan effect" was used to describe his massive influence among fans.[42][43] He currently holds the Guinness World Record holder for the "Most Comments on a Weibo Post", which was established in August 2014 and subsequently surpassed by Luhan himself in September 2015.[44][45] In 2016, he set a second Guinness World Record for the "Largest gathering of people wearing antlers" at the 2016 LuHan Reloaded China Tour, in Beijing, China.[46] He is also noted for his achievements in both music and film, holding records on Chinese digital music platforms; and ranking at the top of the Star Box-office Chart on, one of the country's largest online ticket-buying platforms.

Yan Siwei, a broker who works in the entertainment industry, opined that Luhan stands for a new fandom model; in this model, the artist uses social media data instead of works to galvanize fans, and the fans are well-organized to protect the artist and maintain the fandom.[47] GQ did an investigation on the fandom and call it "a systemic, detailed social labor division and powerful execution empire."[48] After Luhan outsold Jay Chou by several million albums, some raised concerns about whether Mandopop has "died" or become over-commercialized.[49][50] In 2019, the failure of Shanghai Fortress made some question if Luhan and this model would flop soon. A guest in a talk program opined that these kind of artists are "meteors" instead of "stars."[51]

Luhan first appeared on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 in 2015, ranking 37th.[52] He rose up 35 spots to rank 2nd in 2017, becoming the highest ranked male celebrity in China.[3] In 2016, Luhan was featured on Business of Fashion's "BOF 100" rankings, becoming the only Chinese celebrity to make it onto the rankings, and was given the title of "Most Anticipated Chinese Star".[53][54] He is also the first celebrity born after 1990 to be named the "Artist of the Year" by China Newsweek.[55]

Endorsements and ambassador roles

Luhan is one of the most in-demand brand ambassadors in China, particularly among the younger generation. His endorsement ranges from local products such as Oppo mobile phones and Baidu interactive maps to international ones like Puma and Cartier SA, of which he is their first Asian endorser.[56]

On December 1, 2015, Luhan was announced to be the official China ambassador of Star Wars.[57] He released a single titled "The Inner Force", which is the official Chinese promotional theme song for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.[58]

From 2015 to 2016, Luhan appeared on the cover of more than 20 magazines. He became the first Chinese celebrity to grace the covers of Elle China, GQ Style, Forbes China, Harper's Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan. He broke the record for having more than 200,000 people buy out a 20,000 limited edition run of a magazine cover in one second.[54]

Personal life


On October 8, 2017, Luhan and Chinese actress Guan Xiaotong admitted that they were dating.[59][60]


In August 2019, during the 2019–20 Hong Kong protests, Luhan shared photos of the Chinese flag accompanied by the hashtags "the Chinese national flag has 1.4 billion flag bearers" and "I am a flag bearer" on his official Weibo account.[61]


  • Reloaded (2015)
  • XXVII+ (2017)



Year Title Role Notes
2015 20 Once Again Xiang Qianjin
12 Golden Ducks K-pop dancer Cameo
The Witness Lin Chong Lead role
2016 Time Raiders Wu Xie Lead role
The Great Wall Peng Yong
See You Tomorrow Ma Li (young) Cameo
2017 The Founding of an Army Deng Xiaoping Cameo
2019 Shanghai Fortress Jiang Yang

Television drama

Year Title Role Notes
2017 Fighter of the Destiny Chen Changsheng
2018 Sweet Combat Ming Tian
2020 Cross Fire Xiao Feng [62]
Sisyphus Zhao Binbin [63]

Variety show

Year Title Role Notes
2015–2018 Keep Running Cast member
2018 Hot Blood Dance Crew Dance mentor
2020 Produce Camp 2020 Mentor [64]

Music videos

Title Year Ref.
"Maxstep" (as part of Younique Unit) 2012
"Our Tomorrow" 2014
"Sweet Honey" 2015
"Please Come to the Great Wall to Ski" (with David Tao)
"The Inner Force" 2016
"Back to 17"
"Let Me By Your Side"
"Chasing Dream With Childlike Heart" 2017
Guest appearances
"The Last Game" (remake; Kim Min-kyo) 2014

Awards and nominations

Year Nominated work Award Category Result Ref.
2014 2014 Baidu Moments Conference Most Valuable Male Star Won [65]
iQiyi All-Star Carnival Night Asia Popular Idol Award Won [66]
Tudou Young Choice Awards Person of the Year Won [67]
Baidu Fudian Annual Most Popular Male Artist Won [68]
2015 2014 Sina Weibo Night Weibo Male God of the Year Won [69]
Weibo King Won
20 Once Again 5th Beijing International Film Festival Newcomer of the Year Won [33]
22nd Beijing College Student Film Festival Most Popular Actor Won [34]
Best Newcomer Nominated
12th Guangzhou University Student Film Festival Most Popular Actor Won [70]
2016 Reloaded QQ Music Awards Best Digital Album of the Year Won [71]
Best Male Singer of the Year Won
Reloaded Music Radio Global Chinese Golden Chart Media Recommended Album of the Year Won [72]
All-round Artist of the Year Won
"Medals" Top 20 Songs of the Year Won
Reloaded 4th V Chart Awards Best Album of the Year Won [73]
Best Male Artist – Mainland Won
Tencent Star Awards Asia All-Round Artist Award Won [74]
iQiyi All-Star Carnival Asia All-Rounded Artist Won [75]
2017 XXVII Asian Music Gala Album of the Year Won [26]
"Winter Song" Fresh Asia Chart Festival 2017 Top 10 Songs Won [76]
"What If I Said" Won
"On Call" Won
"Skin to Skin" Best Music Video Won
2018 iQiyi Scream Night 2019 All-round Artist of the Year Won [77]

Forbes China Celebrity 100

Year Rank Ref.
2015 31st [78]
2017 2nd [79]
2019 13th [80]
2020 15th [81]


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