Lower Class Brats

Lower Class Brats are a street punk band founded in Austin, Texas in January 1995.

Lower Class Brats
Background information
OriginAustin, Texas, USA
GenresStreet punk
Years activeJanuary 1995–present
•Second To None
Punk Core
•Turkey Baster
•Loud Punk
•Orphan Records Group
•Helen of Oi!
•Combat Rock
•Dirty Punk
MembersBones vocals
Marty Volume guitar
Zed guitar
Ron Conflict bass
Nick Brat drums
Past membersRick Brat
Rob Brat
Clay Aloy
Johnny O. Negative
Houston Richieson
Ryland Meyer
Mike Brat
Brad Teeter
Punt (Eric Powers)


Formed in 1995 in Austin TX, Lower Class Brats set out to create music unlike anything else in their city. A mixture of Punk, Oi!, 70's Glam and straight ahead rock and roll merged with the theatric imagery of “A Clockwork Orange”. After six months of writing and rehearsals the band began to perform and released a demo cassette. A year later the band's first full length “Rather Be Hated Than Ignored” was released on GMM records and became the soundtrack for a fanbase now known as the “LCB Army”.

The recorded history of five full-length LP's, thirteen 7” ep's and three different compilation LP's under their belts. Provides testament to the band's reputation that they are a group that works as hard as they play. All while performing worldwide across the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Asia.

LCB members- Bones (vox), Marty Volume (guitar), Ron Conflict (bass), Zed (guitar) and Nick Brat (drums) continue to record and perform after a 20+ year history. Taking great care that every live show is more than "just another gig" and a night for those in attendance to cut loose, forget their daily woes and sing, scream and shout along.


Current Line-upEdit

  • Bones: vocals/founding member (1995 - present)
  • Marty Volume: guitar/founding member (1995 - present)
  • Zed: guitar (2017 - present)
  • Ron Conflict: Bass (2012 - present)
  • Nick Brat: Drums (2017 - present)

Former membersEdit


  • Rick Brat: Bass/founding member (1995 -1999, 2000)
  • Houston Richieson: Bass (1999)
  • Ryland Meyer: Bass (2000 - 2002)
  • Johnny O. Negative: Bass (2008 - 2011)
  • EVO: Bass (2002 - 2008, 2011/12)


  • Rob Brat: Drums/founding member (1995 - 2000)
  • Brad Teeter: Drums (2000 - 2002)
  • Mike Brat: Drums (2002 - 2004)
  • Clay Aloy: Drums (2004 - 2008)
  • J.T.K.: Drums (2008 - 2013)
  • Punt (Eric Powers): (2013 - 2017)


  • R.T.: Piano (piano on Rather Be Hated Than Ignored, 1997)
  • Tony Scalzo: Piano (piano on The New Seditionaries, 2006)



7" Records / EPsEdit

  • Who Writes Your Rules (Helen Of Oi! Records, 1995) English Import. 1,500 pressed. Black vinyl.
  • Lower Class Brats / Reducers SF Split (Also known as the Ultra-Violence 7", Pair-O-Docs Records, 1996) 1,000 pressed. 800 black vinyl. 200 white vinyl. With insert.
  • A Wrench In The Gear (Helen Of Oi! Records, 1996) English Import. 1,500 pressed. Black vinyl.
  • Lower Class Brats / Dead End Cruisers Split (Second to None Records, 1996) 500 pressed. Blue vinyl.
  • Lower Class Brats / Templars Split (TKO Records, 1998) 1,500 pressed. 800 black vinyl. 200 orange vinyl. With insert. 500 picture disc.
  • Psycho (Combat Rock Records, 1999) French Import. 1,500 pressed. Black vinyl. First 100 copies come with a hand #'d insert with lyrics in French.
  • Glam Bastard (TKO Records, 1999) 2,000 pressed. 1,800 black vinyl. With insert. 200 orange vinyl with a hand #'d full-color fold-out poster.
  • Deface The Music (Punk Core Records, 2002) 1,000 pressed. 800 black vinyl. 100 purple vinyl. 100 clear vinyl. With insert.
  • The Worst (Dirty Punk Records, 2004) French Import. 500 pressed. Green / white splatter vinyl. With insert.
  • I'm A Mess (T.S.O.R. Records, 2006) Swiss Import. 500 pressed. Black vinyl. With insert.
  • Lower Class Brats / Chelsea Split (TKO Records, 2006) 500 pressed. Green / clear / yellow splatter vinyl. Labels are switched on wrong sides. With insert.
  • Thoughts About You (Combat Rock Records, 2009) French Import. 500 pressed. Black vinyl.

12" Records / EPsEdit

  • Punks, Skins, Herberts And Hooligans (Punk Core Records, 1997) 1,000 pressed. Approx. 200 copies were defective and returned to the pressing plant. 200 of the approx. 800 copies left come with a #'d full-color insert. Black vinyl.
  • 'Rock 'N' Roll Street Noize (Turkey Baster Records, 2012) 500 pressed. Clear orange vinyl w/ red and black splatter. Includes poster, lyric sheet and download card.

Full Length Albums / CDsEdit

  • Rather Be Hated Than Ignored CD (GMM Records, 1997) (Punk Core Records, 2000) Picture Disc LP (Punk Core Records, 2000) 1,000 pressed. #'d sticker on clear plastic cover. With color insert.
  • The Plot Sickens CD (Punk Core Records, 2000) LP (Punk Core Records, 2000) 1,000 pressed. 800 black vinyl. 200 grey / green splatter vinyl. With full-color dust sleeve insert.
  • A Class Of Our Own CD (Punk Core Records, 2003) LP (Punk Core Records, 2003) 1,000 pressed. 800 black vinyl. 100 half white / half orange vinyl. 100 clear / red splatter vinyl. With full-color dust sleeve insert.
  • The New Seditionaires CD (TKO Records, 2006) LP (Dirty Punk Records, 2006) French Import. 1,000 pressed. Black vinyl. With insert.


Live RecordingsEdit


  • This Is Real! (Includes bonus CD of The New Seditionaries demos. TKO Records, 2008)

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