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The Honourable Lowell Lyttleton Lewis (born August 18, 1952) was a politician, a former Chief Minister of Montserrat. He currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer of Montserrat.

Chief Minister of MontserratEdit

Lewis first elected in April 2001, took office as Chief Minister on 2 June 2006. At the time, he headed a coalition government consisting of his party, the Montserrat Democratic Party (MDP), the former ruling New People's Liberation Movement (NPLM), and an independent legislator, Mr David Brandt.[1]

A snap election was called during his term, and was held on 8 September 2009. Reuben Meade was sworn in as new Chief Minister before becoming the first Premier of Montserrat. Dr Lewis was re-elected as an independent candidate, but subsequently lost his seat at the general election of September 2014.[2]


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Preceded by
John Osborne
Chief Minister of Montserrat
Succeeded by
Reuben Meade