Lovely Mary

Lovely Mary is a 1916 silent drama film directed by Edgar Jones.[1]

Lovely Mary
Directed byEdgar Jones
Produced byLouis B. Mayer
Written byRichard Barry
StarringMary Miles Minter
Distributed byMetro Pictures
Release date
  • March 13, 1916 (1916-03-13) (United States)
CountryUnited States
English intertitles


Mary and her cousin Clairborne are the last descendants of the Lane family who announce they are selling their land. Two land scouts come over to buy their property. One of them, Roland Manning, falls in love with Mary. The other, Wade Dempster, tries to get his hand on their home by getting Clairborne drunk. One of the townsfolk finds out of Dempster's way of buying the land and tries to stop it. Dempster defends himself by shooting him and next blames Manning for the murder. It doesn't take long before Manning is found guilty and receives a life prison sentence.

Mary tries to set him free and turns to the law to help him. Mary's former sweetheart Oscar witnessed the murder and finally admits Dempster shot him. Roland is set free and marries Mary. They keep the land, start a family and live happily ever after.[2][3]


  • Mary Miles Minter - Mary Lane
  • Frank DeVernon - Claiborne Ogilvie Lane
  • Russell Simpson - Peter Nelson
  • Schuyler Ladd - Oscar Nelson
  • Ferdinand Tidmarsh - Wade Dempster
  • Myra Brooks - Aunt Becky
  • Harry Blakemore - Uncle Joe
  • Thomas Carrigan - Ronald Manning


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