Love in Rome

Un amore a Roma (internationally released as Love in Rome) is a 1960 Italian romantic drama film directed by Dino Risi.[1][2][3]

Love in Rome
Un amore a Roma.jpg
Directed byDino Risi
Written byErcole Patti
Ennio Flaiano
Produced byMario Cecchi Gori
CinematographyMario Montuori
Music byCarlo Rustichelli
Release date
  • 1960 (1960)


Marcello (Baldwin), a young writer, loves Anna (Demongeot), a femme fatale-ish beauty who can't remain faithful to any man for very long. Anna has her sights set on a movie career. However, she only seems to be able to secure parts in low-brow peplum films.

Marcello is frustrated by Anna's capricious nature, while he himself is involved with two other women, Fulvia (Martinelli) and Eleonora (Perschy). At one point, Marcello even proposes to Eleonora but is unable to follow it through.



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