Love Weaves Through a Millennium

Love Weaves Through a Millennium (Chinese: 相爱穿梭千年) is a 2015 Chinese television series starring Jing Boran and Zheng Shuang. It is a remake of the 2012 South Korean television series Queen and I. The series aired on Hunan TV from 15 February to 23 March 2015.

Love Weaves Through a Millennium
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Time travel
Historical fiction
Based onQueen and I
Directed byJang Young-woo
StarringJing Boran
Zheng Shuang
Opening themeCan't Forget by Jing Boran and Zheng Shuang
Ending themeLove Cannot See by Wei Chen
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of episodes24
Production location(s)Hangzhou, Hengdian, Wuzhen
Production company(s)Hunan TV, EE-Media, CJ E&M
DistributorHunan TV
Original networkHunan TV
First shown inChina
Original release15 February (2015-02-15) –
23 March 2015 (2015-03-23)
Related showsQueen and I


Gong Ming (Jing Boran) is an imperial scholar official and his family's sole survivor after they were massacred in a conspiracy. He is an avid supporter of the reinstatement of Empress Xu, who was deposed due to scheming by royal concubine Zhao Feiyan.

While he was being persecuted, he accidentally time-travels two thousand years into the present due to a mysterious jade pendant. He meets and falls in love with actress Lin Xiangxiang (Zheng Shuang), who landed a role as Empress Xu in a historical drama. However, for the greater good, Gong Ming was insistent on heading back into the past to save the deposed queen. He finds out that he could not return to the present where Xiang Xiang is. Will they forever be apart, or will they reunite through the power of love?





  • Evonne Hsieh as Jin Jing, Xiang Xiang's manager
  • Yang Sen as Xia Yunan, Xiang Xiang's stylist
  • Denny Huang as Han Yufei, a famous celebrity and Xiang Xiang's ex-boyfriend
  • Nana as Zhao Nana, a famous and arrogant celebrity
  • Xie Binbin as Wu Tianxiu, Yu Fei's manager
  • Li Gan as Chen Rui, Na Na's manager


  • Chen Xiang as Wang Mang, Gong Ming's good friend who later betrays him. He likes Jing Yue.
  • Zhou Yutong as Jing Yue, a female warrior. She likes Gong Ming.
  • Peng Ling as Zi Xiu, Wang Mang's confidante; a cold-blooded assassin
  • Niki Yi as Zhao Feiyan
  • Gao Taiyu as Emperor Cheng
  • Tao Hui as Empress Xu
  • Zhou Yunshen as Chun Yuzhang


The series is co-produced by Hunan TV and CJ E&M. It is helmed by director Jang Young-woo of I Need Romance 3, producer Kim Young-gyu of Flower Boys Next Door and Nine: Nine Time Travels and the lightning director of My Love From the Star. The music, editing and artistic direction of the series was also done by the Korean production team of Queen and I.

Unlike other typical Chinese television series, Love Weaves Through a Millennium was not pre-produced before its premiere. It was filmed based on a live-shooting format. The script was amended based on audience's responses, including the drama's ending. No dubbing was used; instead, the actors' actual voices were heard in the drama.

Actual Chinese history was adapted into the new script, such as the rivalry between Zhao Feiyan and Empress Xu.


1."Can't Forget (不能忘)" (Opening theme song)Jing Boran & Zheng Shuang04:34
2."Love Cannot See (相爱不能见)" (Ending theme song)Wei Chen03:36
3."One More Day (再多一天)"Jiang Yingrong04:34
4."Waiting for you like a Fool (等你的时候我像个傻瓜)"Hong Chen03:21
5."Let Me Love You (让我爱你)"Huang Ying03:38


Air date Episode CSM50 city ratings[1]
Ratings (%) Audience share (%) Rank
February 15, 2015 1-2 1.919 4.298 1
February 16, 2015 3-4 1.862 4.106 1
February 22, 2015 5-6 1.655 3.286 1
February 23, 2015 7-8 1.646 3.056 1
March 01, 2015 9-10 1.551 2.924 1
March 02, 2015 11-12 1.414 2.210 1
March 08, 2015 13-14 1.530 2.634 1
March 09, 2015 15-16 1.428 2.379 1
March 15, 2015 17-18 1.416 2.101 1
March 16, 2015 19-20 1.398 2.258 1
March 22, 2015 21-22 1.565 2.908 1
March 23, 2015 Collector's Edition 1-2 1.427 2.743 1
Average ratings 1.567 / 1
  • Highest ratings are marked in red, lowest ratings are marked in blue


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