Love Cheque Charge (Chinese: 幸福兌換券; pinyin: xìng fú duì huàn quàn) is a 2014 Taiwanese romantic-fantasy comedy television series produced by Sanlih E-Television. Starring George Hu and Phoebe Yuan as the main leads, with KunDa Hsieh, Jay Shih, Smile Weng, Jet Chao and Jessie Chang as the main supporting cast.[1] The Chinese title literally translates to "Happiness Coupon", which is in reference to the promise between the two main characters. Filming took place from August 15, 2014 till December 12, 2014 and was filmed as the drama aired. First original broadcast began September 3, 2014 on SETTV channel, airing weekly from Monday till Friday at 8:00-9:00 pm. The last of the 74 episodes aired on December 15, 2014.[2]

Love Cheque Charge
Promotional poster
Also known asHappiness Coupon
Created bySanlih E-Television
Written byZheng Ying Min 鄭英敏
Lin Pei Yu 林珮瑜
Chen Xin Ying 陳妡盈
Qiu Wan Wei 邱婉薇
Lai Wan Rong 賴婉容
Huang Xuan Ying 黃宣穎
Directed byWu Meng En 吳蒙恩
StarringGeorge Hu
Phoebe Yuan
KunDa Hsieh
Jay Shih
Smile Weng
Jet Chao
Jessie Chang
Opening theme"Love Is 愛就是" by George Hu
Ending theme"I Still Love You 我還是愛著你" by Magic Power
Country of originTaiwan
Original languagesMandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes74
Executive producerLiu Qiu Ping 劉秋平
ProducersGuo Jian Hong 郭建宏
Zhang Man Na 張曼娜
Chen Xiu Qing 陳秀卿
Production locationTaiwan
Running time47 minutes
Production companiesSanlih E-Television
TransWorld Production Co.
Original release
Release3 September (2014-09-03) –
15 December 2014 (2014-12-15)

Synopsis edit

In Summer 2011 Shi Bo Hai (KunDa Hsieh) asks a stranger to help him pass a message to his girlfriend. That stranger Thomas He Bu Fan (George Hu) meets up with Bo Hai's girlfriend Angel Xu Man Man (Phoebe Yuan) to tell her that Bo Hai wants to break up with her. She becomes so distraught with emotions that she makes a scene in public. To calm her down Bu Fan writes an agreement on a travelers check, that he will marry her if she does not get married by age thirty. Xu Man Man heartbroken leaves with the check in her hand, but what she doesn't know is that Bo Hai was involve in an accident and did not want her to mourn for his death. Three years past and in Autumn 2014, He Bu Fan unsatisfied with his life in the US returns to Taiwan. On his first day back in Taiwan he encounters Xu Man Man on the metro. He does not remember her but she remembers him and shows him the check as she wants him to hold up to his promise three years ago, in attempt to pull a prank on him: He Bu Fan said that he always fulfills his promises.[3]

Cast edit

Main cast edit

Both characters appeared in all 74 episodes.

Supporting cast edit

  • KunDa Hsieh as Shi Bo Hai, Angel Hsu Man Man 's ex boyfriend
  • Jay Shih as Wang Bai Hao, Tian Xin Ping 's Boyfriend
  • Smile Weng as Tian Xin Ping, Wang Bai Hao 's Girlfriend
  • Jet Chao as He Guan Yu, Wang Qian Qian 's husband
  • Jessie Chang as Wang Qian Qian, He Guan Yu's wife
  • Amanda Liu as Liu Yi Zhi, Angel Hsu Man Man' s friend
  • Liao Jun as He Guang Hui, He Bu Fan and He Guan Yu's Father
  • Jian Chang as Wang Jin Rong, Wang Bai Hao's Father
  • Grace Ko as Chen Yue Yun, He Bu Fan's aunt
  • Liao Jin De as Gao Qing Zhì, He Bu Fan and He Guan Yu's cousin
  • Titan Huang as Shi Di Fen (Steven), a colleague
  • LeLe as Hsu Le Le, Hsu Man Man 's younger sister
  • RouRou as Hsu Rou Rou, Hsu Man Man 's younger sister
  • Shuai Bao as Hsu Tian Tian, Hsu Man Man 's younger brother
  • Lo Pei An as Hsu Jia Bao, Hsu Man Man's father
  • Doris Kuang as Qiu Ya Ni, Hsu Man Man's mother
  • Cherry Hsia as Rebecca Lei Bei Zhi, He Guan Yu 's ex girlfriend
  • Wang Juan as Tang Ru Juan, He Bu Fan's deceased mother
  • Lene Lai as Victoria Sun Wei Ya, He Bu Fan's ex girlfriend

Guest cast edit

  • Calvin Lee as Don Chen Shao Yang
  • Gan De Men as old man Jiang
  • Chen Bor-jeng as Moon God
  • Rex Wu as Rebecca's affair

Soundtrack edit

  • Love Is 愛就是 by George Hu
  • I Still Love You 我還是愛著你 by Magic Power
  • Secretly 偷偷的 by Magic Power MP
  • I Don't Think So 我不以為 by Della Ding Dang
  • I Don't Love You That Much 我沒那麼愛你 by Della Ding Dang
  • Better Than Pride 不如驕傲 by Della Ding Dang
  • Don't Say Good Bye 別說Good Bye by George Hu
  • Unable To Say I Love You 說不出我愛你 by George Hu
  • What's Next? 接下來是什麼 by Ann Bai
  • Sad Stop 悲傷止步 by Yvonne Hsieh
  • Correct 無誤 by Yvonne Hsieh

Development and casting edit

  • Sanlih held a press conference on July 31, 2014 showcasing their four main in-house contractual lead actors (Lego Lee, Chris Wang, George Hu and Lin Yo Wei) and announcing the upcoming dramas for the later half of 2014 schedule lineup.[4]
  • On August 15, 2014 a press conference was held to introduce the three main leads and the plot of the drama.[5]
  • A press conference was held on September 2, 2014 at SETTV headquarters auditorium introducing the entire cast of the drama.[6]

Publications edit

* 26 September 2014 : Iwalker No.05 Oct/Nov 2014 (愛玩客 第5期/2014) - barcode 4717095572690 Sanlih 三立電視 - Author: Sanlih E-Television 三立電視監製

For the October/November 2014 issue of iwalker magazine, "Love Cheque Charge" lead actors George Hu and Phoebe Yuan are featured on the cover.[7]

* 3 October 2014 : S-Pop Vol. 21 Oct 2014 (華流 10月號/2014) - barcode 4717095578616 - Author: Sanlih E-Television 三立電視監製

For the October 2014 issue of S-Pop magazine, two of three covers published was devoted to "Love Cheque Charge". Both covers of the magazine are the regular editions published. One cover featured George Hu alone the other feature both Hu and lead actress Phoebe Yuan.[8]

Broadcast edit

Network Country Airing Date Timeslot
SETTV   Taiwan September 3, 2014 Monday to Friday 8:00-9:00 pm
ETTV Monday to Friday 10:00-11:00 pm
Astro Shuang Xing   Malaysia September 18, 2014 Monday to Friday 6:30-7:30 pm
Astro Quan Jia HD November 18, 2014 Sunday to Thursday 6:00-7:00 pm
StarHub TV   Singapore October 7, 2014 Monday to Friday 7:00-8:00 pm
GMM25 [th]   Thailand July 4, 2015 Saturday 7:00 pm

Episode ratings edit

Air Date Episodes Weekly Average Ratings Rank
September 3-2, 2014 1-3 1.07 5
September 8–12, 2014 4-8 1.06 4
September 15–19, 2014 9-13 1.06 4
September 22–26, 2014 14-18 1.04 4
September 29-October 3, 2014 19-23 1.10 4
October 6–10, 2014 24-28 1.03 4
October 13–17, 2014 29-33 1.02 4
October 20–24, 2014 34-38 1.07 4
October 27–31, 2014 39-43 1.14 4
November 3–7, 2014 44-48 1.05 4
November 10–14, 2014 49-53 1.01 5
November 17–21, 2014 54-58 1.01 5
November 24–28, 2014 59-63 1.02 3
December 1–5, 2014 64-68 1.06 3
December 8–12, 2014 69-73 1.16 3
December 15, 2014 74 1.40
Average ratings 1.06

Awards and nominations edit

Year Ceremony Category Nominee Result
2014 2014 Sanlih Drama Awards 華劇大賞


Best Actor Award George Hu Nominated
Best Actress Award Phoebe Yuan Nominated
Best Crying Award George Hu & Liao Jun Nominated
Best Lady Killer Award Jian Chang Nominated
Best Foolishly Award Grace Ko Nominated
China Wave Award George Hu Nominated
Weibo Popularity Award George Hu Nominated
Viewers Choice Drama Award Love Cheque Charge Nominated

References edit

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