Louis of Cyprus

Louis of Savoy (Italian: Ludovico; 1436–37 ; April 1482) was King of Cyprus, reigning together with and in the right of his wife, Charlotte of Cyprus. He was the second son and namesake of Louis, Duke of Savoy, and his wife, Anne of Lusignan,[1] daughter of King Janus of Cyprus. He was born in Geneva.

Count of Geneva
BornJune 1431 or 1436
DiedApril 1482
priory of Ripaille
SpouseAnnabella of Scotland
Charlotte of Cyprus
FatherLouis, Duke of Savoy
MotherAnne of Lusignan

Louis was born, according to Samuel Guichenon, in June 1431, in Geneva, but the historian specifies in note that he was born in 1436.[2] The birth in June 1436 is therefore that adopted by contemporary authors.[3][4] Guichenon also specifies that the prince is 8 years old when he married in 1444. Some mention a period between 1436-1437 ,[5] especially for this last year the Swiss historian Édouard Mallet (1805-1856).[6]

On 14 December 1444, at Stirling Castle, he was married to Annabella, youngest daughter of King James I of Scotland (d. 1437) and sister of King James II of Scotland.[a] The official wedding never took place and the marriage was annulled in 1458.[8]

On 7 October 1458, Louis married Queen Charlotte of Cyprus, his cousin, and became King of Cyprus[9] as well as the titular King of Jerusalem and of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia for the brief period of her reign from 1458 to 1460, when they were deposed.[10]

Louis died in April 1482, at the priory of Ripaille.[7][11]


  1. ^ According to George Hill, upon Annabella's arrival in Savoy, Charles VII of France opposed the marriage and the arrangement was broken on 3 March 1455. This was accepted by James II of Scotland on 7 May 1456.[7]


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Regnal titles
Preceded byas sole ruler King of Cyprus
1458– 1460
with Charlotte of Cyprus
Succeeded by