Louis Otto, Prince of Salm

Louis Otto, Prince of Salm[1] (24 October 1674 – 23 November 1738) was the Count of Salm-Salm from 1710, the only son of the Imperial chamberlain (Reichskämmerer) Charles Theodore, Prince of Salm (1645–1710) and Countess Palatine Luise Maria of Simmern (1647–1679).[2][3]


Louis (Ludwig) Otto married Princess Albertine Johannette of Nassau-Hadamar (5 July 1679 – 11 June 1716) on 20 July 1700. She was a great-granddaughter of John VI, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg, brother of William the Silent.[4] The couple had three children:

After the death of his aunt Anne Henriette of Bavaria, Princesse of Arches, he was opposed by his brother-in law, the Duke of Ursel. Eventually the duke obtained the rights to the principality, and his descendants still hold the title "Prince d'Arches et de Charleville".[7]

Ludwig Otto died in Anholt Castle in 1738.[1] His death ended his branch (the altfürstliche line) of the House of Salm, since Ludwig Otto had no son as heir.

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