Louis Boutet de Monvel

Louis Boutet de Monvel (22 June 1941 – 25 December 2014) was a French mathematician who worked on functional analysis.[1]

He was a student of Laurent Schwartz in Paris and was professor at the Pierre and Marie Curie University. He was married to Anne Boutet de Monvel, also a mathematician.[2]

In 2007 he was awarded the Émile Picard Medal of the French Academy of Sciences and in 2003 the Prix fondé par l’État.

According to the Mathematics Genealogy Project [3] his Ph.D. students are AbdelAli Attioui (1994), Jean-Marc Delort, Bernard Helffer (1976), Gilles Lebeau (1984), George Marinescu (1994), Philibert Nang (1996), Serge Lukasiewicz (1997), Alexander Rezounenko (1997).


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