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Lou Schuler (born January 23, 1957 in St. Louis, Missouri) is a fitness journalist and author or coauthor of several books on men's health and exercise. In 2004 he won a National Magazine Award for Death by Exercise.[1][2]

Lou Schuler
BornJanuary 23, 1957
St. Louis, Missouri
OccupationJournalist and Author
SubjectPhysical Fitness, Weightlifting

Schuler is currently the editorial director for the Personal Trainer Development Center[3]. He's the former fitness editor of Men's Fitness magazine, the former fitness director of Men’s Health (magazine), the former editorial director of the online publication Testosterone Muscle (also known as T-Nation), and is certified as a strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.[4][5][6][7]

Schuler participated in JP Fitness Summit 2007[8] and Staley Training Systems Annual Training Summit 2006,[9] on both occasions presenting lectures on the way of becoming a successful sports writer.


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