Lothar II the Old, Count of Walbeck

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Lothar II the Elder (died 986[1]), Count of Walbeck, son of Lothar I, Count of Walbeck.

Thietmar of Merseburg reported that his grandfather Lothar participated in the plot to assassinate Emperor Otto I by his brother Henry on Easter 941 and lost all his property as a result. He was imprisoned for a year at Imgelheim by Berthold of Schweinfurt, Count in the Radenzgau. Lothar paid a heavy fine and founded the canon at Walbeck as atonement. Berthold later married Lothar’s daughter Eilika.

Lothar married Mathilde von Arneburg, daughter of Bruno, Count of Arneburg, and Frederuna, daughter of Volkmar, Count of Harzgau. Mathilde’s nephew was Bruno of Querfurt, son of her brother Bruno, Count of Querfurt. Lothar and Mathilde had four children:

Lothar was succeeded as Count of Walbeck by his son Siegfried upon his death.


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