Los Tres Mosqueteros

Los Tres Mosqueteros were a reggaeton trio consisting of MC Ceja and Lito & Polaco. Only one album was produced from this trio titled Los Tres Mosqueteros, in which each member appeared on the front cover of the album with a picture representing, a picture one would take before being incarcerated.

Los Tres Mosqueteros
OriginPuerto Rico
GenresReggaeton, hip hop, rap
Years active1997–1999 and 2007-present
LabelsBefore : MadYatch Records/Fonovisa Records
Now : Rompecuello, Taltaro and Get Low Records
Past membersAlberto Mendoza Nieves
Rafael Sierra
Rafael Omar Molina

This group is no longer together due to a fallout, causing them to go their separate ways and starting a lyrical war between MC Ceja and Lito & Polaco y Polaco. After MC Ceja & Lito & Polaco broke up, DJ Eric made a new group who were also called Los 3 Mosqueteros. They came out with an album called De Vuelta Por Primera Vez. The group disappeared soon after.



  • Los Tres Mosqueteros (1997)