Los Angeles streets, 41–250

This article covers streets in Los Angeles, California between and including 41st Street and 250th Street. Major streets have their own linked articles; minor streets are discussed here.

These streets run parallel to each other, roughly east–west.

Streets change from west to east (for instance West 1st Street to East 1st Street) at Main Street.

Many of the elementary schools in South Los Angeles bear names of numbered streets.


44th StreetEdit

Vernon Ave
FromSanta Fe Avenue

44th Street has been renamed Vernon Avenue, and is served by Metro Local: line 105 and Metro Rapid: line 705. One Metro Rail light rail station:

72nd StreetEdit

see Florence Avenue

79th StreetEdit

79th Street has been renamed Nadeau Street east of Central Avenue.

86th StreetEdit

see Manchester Avenue, and Firestone Boulevard.

96th StreetEdit

This street is a secondary street in South Los Angeles. Portions of it are renamed "Colden Avenue". It is also the site of the future LAX people mover station on Aviation Boulevard and 96th Street.

98th StreetEdit

98th Street is notable for being bisected by Jesse Owens Memorial Park for most of its length.

100th StreetEdit

100th Street runs between Central Avenue and Compton Avenue. Most of Century Boulevard takes the place of 100th Street with the exception of the aforementioned short "numbered" street.

103rd StreetEdit

Briefly served by Metro Local line 117. One Metro Rail station:

108th StreetEdit

108th Street is a major street in South Los Angeles, and was formerly served by Line 119

114th StreetEdit

120th StreetEdit

120th Street is a major street in Hawthorne, Athens, Harbor Gateway, and Willowbrook. It runs from Aviation Boulevard to Van Ness Avenue, and then from Western Avenue to Wilmington Avenue. It is served by portions of Lines 53 and 126, and was formerly served by Lines 207 and 357. Between at the junction with Crenshaw Boulevard, the Dominguez Channel storm drain crosses underneath. Between Crenshaw Boulevard and Prairie Avenue the Hawthorne Municipal Airport is to the south, and the Boring Test Tunnel runs underneath the road.

128th StreetEdit

128th Street has been renamed El Segundo Boulevard.

135th StreetEdit

135th Street is a major street in Hawthorne, Gardena, Harbor Gateway, and Rosewood; it runs from Aviation Boulevard to McKinley Avenue. 135th Street turns into Sam Littleton Street in Compton(at McKinley Avenue) before changing back into 135th Street at Central Avenue. It is served by portions of Line 209.

143rd StreetEdit

143rd Street has been renamed Rosecrans Avenue.

151st StreetEdit

151st Street has been renamed Compton Boulevard/Somerset Boulevard in the east and Marine Avenue in the west. Compton Boulevard/Somerset Boulevard carries Metro Local lines 51 and 127. Marine Avenue carries portions of Metro Local lines 126 and 215. Two Metro stations:

158th StreetEdit

158th Street has been renamed Manhattan Beach Boulevard.

161st StreetEdit

161st Street has been renamed Alondra Boulevard east of Vermont Avenue and it is served by Metro Local line 128.

174th StreetEdit

174th Street has been renamed Artesia Boulevard. It is served by Metro Local lines 130 and 344; Line 130 runs between Redondo Beach and Los Cerritos Center and Line 344 runs between the Harbor Gateway Transit Center and Hawthorne Boulevard. One Metro station:

203rd StreetEdit

203rd Street has been renamed Del Amo Boulevard. One Metro Rail station:

217th StreetEdit

217th Street has been renamed Carson Street. Carson Street becomes Lincoln Avenue approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) east of Interstate 605 upon entering the city of Cypress and Orange County. Once east of State Route 55 in the city of Orange, Lincoln becomes Nohl Ranch Road.

223rd StreetEdit

223rd Street is a major street in Carson and Harbor Gateway. It runs from Western Avenue to Alameda Street, where it becomes Wardlow Road upon entrance to Long Beach. One Metro station:

250th StreetEdit

250th Street, a major residential street in the city of Lomita, becomes Lomita Boulevard just east of Walnut Street. It is served by Torrance Transit line 9.

266th StreetEdit

266th Street is the highest numbered street in the system just one block north of Palos Verdes Drive North.

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