Los únicos (Spanish: "The uniques") is a 2011 Argentine superhero live-action television series aired by El Trece in the prime time. The "uniques" are a superhero team working as a covert operation unit. Main actors are Arnaldo André, Mariano Martínez and Griselda Siciliani, the two main supervillains are played by Favio Posca and Carlos Belloso.

Los únicos
Genresuperhero live-action television series
Created byAdrián Suar
Written byPablo Junovich
Cecilia Guerty
Mariano Vera
Marcos Villalón
Directed byRodolfo Antúnez
Sebastián Pivotto
Creative directorLiza Gieco
Opening themeLos Únicos
Octavio Stampalia
Country of originArgentina
Original languageSpanish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes243
Executive producerAdrián Suar
Running time60 minutes
Production companyPol-ka
Original release
NetworkEl Trece
ReleaseFebruary 7, 2011 (2011-02-07) –
May 11, 2012 (2012-05-11)

Premise edit

Unlike most productions by Pol-ka, Los únicos is not a telenovela featuring common people or a vengeance plot.[1] Instead, it is a crime fiction comedy with metafictional elements. As such, it avoids the usual constrains of the plots of the aforementioned genres.[1] The plot is influenced by the X-Men film series, Heroes and Sky High.[1]

Nicolás Cabré makes a spin-off of the Sin Código telenovela, playing again his former character of "Axel Etcheverry". In the new plot, the "Nielsen Security" group has gone bankrupt, and Axel blames his former teammate Gabriel Nielsen for it. Nielsen (which was played by Adrián Suar, creator of both series) has appeared a number of times, as well as other characters and references to the former telenovela.

Arnaldo André composed his character, an experimented leader managing a team, based over his own protective relations with relatives, and the ways TV producers try to motivate him to accept a work. He made a deliberate effort to avoid giving an authoritarian style to the character, to avoid comparisons with his former character at Valientes.[2]

Production edit

The series has had cameos from notable Argentine actors, such as Esteban Prol,[3] Eugenia Suárez, Carlos Baute and Anabela Ascar.[4] Gonzalo Heredia, from the previous successful telenovela Malparida, played himself in a casual scene,[5] with a brief cameo of Juana Viale, also from that telenovela.[6] Osvaldo Laport will play again his former character of "Amador Heredia" from Soy Gitano.[4] Miguel Ángel Rodríguez and Martín Bossi will play crime bosses, and Ana María Orozco will join the team.[4] A fashion show will include the presence of Pía Slapka, acting as herself, and fashion designer Roberto Giordano.[4]

The series had a successful rating, with nearly 20 points.[7][8]

Plot edit

The "Uniques" are actually one of several covert operation units of skilled or superpowered people working at different countries. Alfredo Monterrey organized many of those units, and the series is about the creation and organization of the Argentine branch. His recruits are Diego Rouvier, Axel Etcheverry, María Soledad Marini, Rubén Hagi, Rosario Ahumada, Violeta Morano and Hugo Albarracín. María has superhuman strength, Axel has an unbreakable skeleton, Rubén Hagi has indestructible skin, and Violeta Morano is precognitive. Diego, Hugo and Rosario have no superhuman powers: Diego is a skilled secret agent, Hugo is an ex-soldier with a split personality disorder and Rosario a former burglar with a taste for high-stake thefts. The team is opposed by the villains Livio Muzak and Ronco Milevich. Ronco is capable of electric manipulation.

Cast edit

Brigada: Los Únicos edit

Original members
Portrayed by Name Don Información
Mariano Martínez Diego Rouvier Higher IQ
Nicolás Cabré Axel Etcheverry Superior Bone Strength
Nicolás Vázquez Rúben Hagi Impenetrable skin
Eugenia Tobal Rosario Ahumada Professional Scammer
Claudia Fontán Soraya Bismarck Does not appear
Julieta Zylberberg Helena Epstein Does not appear Transferred to Jamaica at secret mision.
Griselda Siciliani María Soledad Marini Superior Strength
Jimena Barón María Paula "Poly" Said Professional Hacker Retires and join to Los Únicos España.
Arnaldo André Alfredo Monterrey Strength Accepts and moves on a mission at Mir Station.
José María Monje Hugo Albarracín / Rambo Elite Soldier Retires and moves to Africa
Pilar Gamboa Violeta Morano Extrasensory ability Transferred to London on a mission, later rejoined and was murdered.

In producction

Los Unicos Junior edit

Portrayed by Name Role Year Notes
María Eugenia Suárez Sofía Reyes Student / Agent 2011–2012
Brenda Asnicar Keira Beltrán Student / Agent 2011–2012
Rodrigo Noya Bruno Epstein Student / Hacker 2011–2012
Juan Manuel Guilera Lucas Miller Student / Agent 2011–2012
Victorio D'Alessandro Ciro Fuentes Student / Agent 2011–2012

In production

  • Marcelo Mazzarello as Adolfo Fortuna
  • Marina Bellati as Melania
  • Leo Kreimer as "Zurdo"
  • Ana María Castel as Elvira (season 1)
  • Fabián Arenillas as Manuel Soria
  • Carlos Belloso as Livio Muzak † (season 1)
  • Favio Posca as Ronco Milevich
  • Fabián Gianola as Dreyfus
  • Martín Bossi as Patrón Carranza
  • Tomás Fonzi as Joaquín Ferragut † (season 1)
  • Daniel Hendler as Wilson Castro † (season 1)
  • Emilio Disi as Américo (season 1)

References edit

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