Loredana Bertè

Loredana Bertè (Italian pronunciation: [loreˈdaːna berˈtɛ]; born 20 September 1950) is an Italian singer. In her long career she has worked with prominent Italian songwriters such as Pino Daniele, Ivano Fossati, Mario Lavezzi, Mango and Enrico Ruggeri, among others. She has experimented with different genres, from rock to reggae, from funk to pop. Her sister Mia Martini was also a prominent singer.[1] Bertè is known for the eccentric clothing she wears onstage for her performances. At one point in her life, she was married to the tennis great Björn Borg (1988–1992).

Loredana Bertè
Bertè performing in 1986
Bertè performing in 1986
Background information
Born (1950-09-20) 20 September 1950 (age 70)
Bagnara Calabra, Reggio Calabria, Italy
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • record producer
  • television judge
  • actress
Years active1969–present
Associated actsMia Martini


Mia Martini and Loredana Bertè (right)

Bertè was born in Bagnara Calabra, Province of Reggio Calabria, in Southern Italy.[1]

Loredana Bertè was born in Bagnara Calabra (Reggio Calabria) on September 20 as the third of four daughters, three years after her sister Domenica. Her parents, Giuseppe Radames Berté and Maria Salvina Dato, are both teachers. Loredana spends her childhood in Porto Recanati and then in Ancona, but her mother is often absent and a violent father. After the separation of her parents, he moves with his mother to Rome. She begins attending the Art Institute and attending artistic and entertainment environments with her sister and Renato Fiacchini (aka Renato Zero).

Participate in television and radio broadcasts such as "Bandiera Gialla" and "Stasera Rita!". She joins the dance troupe of the legendary Piper Club, where she meets Renato Zero. She stars in the 1969 Italian edition of the musical "Hair" which also takes her to Mexico. In 1970 Loredana and Domenica lent their voices in the Brazilian singer Chico Buarque de Holanda's songs. RCA, the Chico label. He notices them immediately. While Domenica, or Mia Martini, is having success with "Piccolo Uomo" and "Minuetto" Loredana continues with the theatre, in 1972 in fact, the scene of "Ciao Rudy" and "Orfeo 9" (in which, among other things, there is also Renato Zero). Two years later, she meets Alfredo Cerruti and Enrico Riccardi, with whom she records "Streaking". The second excerpt is "Sei Bellissima" which distorts Loredana's life. Then arrives "Dedicato" from 1978, written by Ivano Fossati, but her journey to Jamaica allows her to show her potential as an artist. That's where she can absorb new styles like reggae.

Thus was born "E la luna bussò" considered the first reggae song ever published in Italy.

The 1980s began with Loredana's decision to spend a year in New York to learn English and work on her next album. She meets Andy Warhol and attends his Factory. Her team makes her the video "Movie", the only video that Warhol has ever worked on. The year 1982 marks her umpteenth success with the victory at the Festivalbar with "Non sono una signora". Her look makes history: she comes dressed as a bride. She continues to create a sensation by showing up at the Sanremo '86 Festival with a fake baby bump and singing the Mango brothers' song "Re". She moved to Sweden, being Bjorn (Bjorn Borg, her husband at the time) the Swedish monarchy's ambassador, but in 1992 she left Stockholm and Bjorn. On May 12, 1995, her lifeless body of her beloved sister Mia Martini was found. This death is devastating for Loredana, who dedicates several passages to her.

During the first two years of the new millennium Loredana dedicates herself to acting, performing in "Gerusalemme" with Carla Fracci held at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. She entrusts the direction of the three video clips that are part of the mini-CD "Dimmi che mi ami" of 2002. Two years later she takes part in "Music Farm", the first reality show involving famous singers. Thanks to the reality show's proceeds, she produces the new album "Babybertè" (2005) by herself, recording the new songs in analogue. The year 2008 marks the disqualification in Sanremo due to plagiarism, but she makes up for her by winning the Career Award of the city of Sanremo and the RadioTv Press Room Award.

In April 2010 she suffered a bad fall, and the related intervention of insertion of the hip prosthesis forced her to a lengthy hospitalization. She returns to Sanremo, this time paired with Gigi D' Alessio. They are placed in fourth place with the song "Respirare". She goes on a great "Bandabertè" tour that even takes her to Russia, where she participates in a prestigious international White Night Festival in St. Petersburg, both as a guest of honour and sworn.

In 2015 he played the judge's role in the famous talent show by Maria De Filippi, "Friends of Maria De Filippi". The collaborations see, among others, Emma Marrone, Alessandra Amoroso and Fiorella Mannoia. In 2017 he collaborated with J-ax and Fedez in the song "Allergia" and Cristina D'Avena in the theme song "Occhi di gatto".

His song "J'adore Venise" is included in the Oscar-winning film's soundtrack, "Call my by your name". She also duets with Rovazzi and J-ax in the summer hit of 2019, “Senza pensieri”. September 20, 2020, Loredana Bertè turns 70.

On March 10, 2021, on Rai 1, a unique programme was dedicated to Loredana Berté, considered in Italy as 'the queen of Italian rock'.



  • Streaking (1974)
  • Normale o super (1976) Italy: Gold
  • TIR (1977) Italy: Gold
  • BandaBertè (1979) Italy: Platinm
  • Loredana Bertè (1980) Italy: Platinum
  • Made in Italy (1981) Italy: Platinum
  • Traslocando (1982) Italy: 5x Platinum
  • Jazz (1983) Italy: Platinum
  • Lorinedita (1983)
  • Savoir faire (1984) Italy: Platinum
  • Carioca (1985) Italy: Platinum
  • Fotografando (1986) Italy: Platinum
  • Io (1988) Italy: Gold
  • Best (1991)
  • Ufficialmente dispersi (1993)
  • Bertex, ingresso libero (1994)
  • Ufficialmente ritrovati (1995)
  • Un pettirosso da combattimento (1997) Italy: Gold
  • Decisamente Loredana (1998)
  • BabyBertè (2005) Italy: Platinum
  • BabyBertè – special edition Buch+cd+dvd (2006)
  • BabyBertè live 2007 (2007)
  • Bertilation (2008)
  • Lola & Angiolina project (2009)
  • LiBerté (2018) Italy: Gold


  • "Volevi un amore grande" (1974)
  • "Sei bellissima" (1975) Italy: Diamond
  • "Meglio libera" (1976) Italy: Platinum
  • "Fiabe" (1977) Italy: Platinum
  • "Grida" (1997) Italy: Platinum
  • "Decisamente Loredana" (1977)
  • "Dedicato" (1978) Italy: Diamond
  • "E la luna bussò" (1979) Italy: Diamond
  • "In alto mare" (1980) Italy: Diamond
  • "Movie" (1981) Italy: Platinum
  • "Non sono una signora" (1982) Italy: Diamond
  • "Per i tuoi occhi" (1982) Italy: Platinum
  • "Acqua" (1985) Italy: Platinum
  • "Re" (1986) Italy: Platinum
  • "Io" (1988) Italy: Gold
  • "In questa città" (1991)
  • "Stiamo come stiamo" (1993)
  • "Amici non ne ho" (1994)
  • "Portami con te" (1998)
  • "Dimmi che mi ami" (2002) Italy: Gold
  • "Sarà perché ti amo (chi se ne frega!!)" (2004)
  • "Strade di fuoco" (2006) Italy: Gold
  • "Musica e parole" (2008) Italy: Gold
  • "Cattiva" (Loredana Errore feat. Loredana Bertè) (2011)
  • "Respirare" (with Gigi D'Alessio) (2012) Italy: Gold
  • "Ma quale musica leggera" (2012)
  • "Non ti dico no" (with Boomdabash) (2018) Italy: 2x Platinum
  • "Cosa ti aspetti da me" (2019) Italy: Platinum
  • Tequila e San Miguel (2019)
  • Senza Pensieri (2019) Italy: Platinum
  • Figlia di... (2021) Italy: Gold
  • Tuttapposto (2021)
  • Che sogno incredibile (2021)


Year Title Role Notes
1970 Quelli belli... siamo noi Silvia
Basta guardarla Red dancer Cameo appearance
1975 The Boss and the Worker Maria Grazia
Eye of the Cat Prostitute Cameo appearance
1976 Movie Rush - La febbre del cinema Martine
1983 The Story of Piera Herself Cameo appearance
2019 The Addams Family Grandmama Addams Italian dub, voice role


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