Lord of Balaguer

Lord or Lady of Balaguer (Catalan: Senyor de Balaguer) is a title historically held by the person first in line to the Kingdom of Majorca, a part of the Crown of Aragon. The current holder is Princess Leonor, elder daughter and heir presumptive of Felipe VI.

Saint James Cloister, Convent of Saint Dominic, Balaguer


This Lordship was created in 1418 by King Alfonso V of Aragon, called the Magnanimous, for his brother John II, symbolically linked to the city that had been capital of the suppressed County of Urgell, the feudal command of the greater rival of the House of Trastámara for the possession of the Aragonese Crown during the Interregnum, James II, Count of Urgell.

When John II succeeded Alfonso V in 1458, the title was awarded to John's second son, Ferdinand. After Ferdinand II's accession, the lordship was held by the heir apparent to the Crown of Aragon and was always joined to the title of Prince of Girona.


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