Lord Ochiltree (or Ochiltrie) of Lord Stuart of Ochiltree was a title in the Peerage of Scotland.[1] In 1542 Andrew Stewart, 2nd Lord Avondale (see the Earl Castle Stewart for earlier history of the family) exchanged the lordship of Avondale with Sir James Hamilton for the lordship of Ochiltrie and by Act of Parliament was ordained to be styled Lord Stuart of Ochiltrie. His great-grandson, the third Lord Stuart of Ochiltrie, resigned the feudal barony of Ochiltree and the peerage to his cousin, James Stewart, with the consent of the Crown in 1615. In 1619 he was instead elevated to the Peerage of Ireland as Baron Castle Stewart; see the Earl Castle Stewart for further history of this branch of the family.

Arms of the Stuarts of Ochiltree

James Stewart now became the first or fourth Lord Ochiltrie (or Lord Stewart of Ochiltrie). He was succeeded by his son William, the second or sixth[fifth?] Lord. On his early death in 1675 the lordship became either dormant or extinct.

In 1774 Andrew Thomas Stewart successfully claimed the barony of Castle Stewart in the peerage of Ireland as heir male under the creation of 1619; but although he was permitted in 1790 to vote as Lord Ochiltree in an election of Scottish representative peers, his claim to this barony as collateral heir of the grantee of 1615 was disallowed by the House of Lords in 1793.[2]

A branch of the Ochiltree family is introduced at the Swedish House of Lords (Riddarhuset) under the name Stuart. Hans (Johannes) Stuart (d. 1618) obtained a letter of descent in Edinburgh in 1579 and a letter of arms at Holyrood Castle in Edinburgh from King James VI of Scotland in 1585 [1]

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