Lord John's Journal

Lord John's Journal (also known as The Journal of Lord John) is a 5-episode series of American silent mystery films, directed by Edward J. Le Saint and based on a story by Harvey Gates. It stars William Garwood in the lead role.[1][2]

Lord John's Journal
Directed byEdward J. Le Saint
Written byHarvey Gates
Distributed byUniversal Film Manufacturing Company
Release date
Running time
16 reels (total for 5 films)
CountryUnited States


The five episodes are as follows:[1][2]

  1. Lord John in New York (1915; 4 reels)
  2. The Grey Sisterhood (1916; 3 reels)
  3. Three Fingered Jenny (1916; 3 reels)
  4. The Eye of Horus (1916; 3 reels)
  5. The League of the Future (1916; 3 reels)



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