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Lopud (pronounced [lɔ̌pud]) is a small island 4.63 square kilometres (1.79 square miles)[1] off the coast of Dalmatia, southern Croatia. Lopud is economically the most developed of the Elaphiti Islands, and can be reached by boat from Dubrovnik, Trsteno, Orasac and Zaton. The island is famous for its sandy beaches,[2] in particular the bay of Šunj. Lopud is the second largest island of the Elaphiti islands, between Kolocep and Sipan. It is famous as the "island in the middle" (Insula Media, or Mezzo). It has an area of 4.63 square kilometres (1.79 square miles) and its highest point is Polačica, 216 metres (709 feet) above sea level. It has 11.5 km (7 mi) of coastline, of which 1.2 km (1 mi) is sandy.

View from Sutvrač Fort
Croatia - Elafit Islands - Lopud.PNG
Location Adriatic sea
Coordinates Coordinates: 42°41′N 17°57′E / 42.683°N 17.950°E / 42.683; 17.950
Archipelago Elaphiti Islands
Area 4.5 km2 (1.7 sq mi)
Highest elevation 214 m (702 ft)
Highest point Polečica
County Dubrovnik-Neretva
Population 220
Pop. density 49 /km2 (127 /sq mi)



On 22 July 1813, marines and seamen from HMS Saracen and HMS Weazel captured the French garrison on the island, which consisted of six guns and 59 men.[3]



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