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  • Call Me Loop (born 1991), English singer and songwriter
  • Liza Loop, American technology pioneer
  • Uno Loop (1930–2021), Estonian singer, musician, athlete, actor, and educator

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  • Loop (computing), a method of control flow in computer science
  • LOOP (programming language), the pedagogical primitive recursive programming language with bounded loops
  • Loop (telecommunication), sending a signal on a channel and receiving it back at the sending terminal
  • Audio induction loop, an aid for the hard of hearing
  • Local loop, (aka local tail, subscriber line, or the last mile), the physical link in telephony that links the customer premises to the telephone company (telco)
  • Loop device, a Unix device node that allows a file to be mounted as if it were a device
  • LOOPS, the object system for Interlisp-D



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  • Loop (Amtrak train), a discontinued Amtrak train
  • The Loop (CTA), a rapid transit section bounding Chicago's Loop neighborhood
  • Loop, underground public transportation system of The Boring Company in Tesla cars, including a proposed DC-to-Baltimore system
  • Balloon loop, a section of track that allows reversal of direction without stopping
  • Circle route, a public transport route that travels around and connecting the peripheral zones of an area.
  • Loop line (railway), a branch line that deviates from a direct route and rejoins it at another location
  • Loop route, a main route or highway that forms a closed loop
  • Passing loop, a short section of track that allows trains to pass on a single track route
  • Ring road or loop, a main route or highway that encircles a town or city
  • Spiral (railway), a section of track that allows a train to climb a steep hill

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