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Long Napir is a cluster of four settlements of Penan and Kelabit people[1] in the Limbang division of Sarawak, Malaysia.[2][3] It lies approximately 606 kilometres (377 mi) east-north-east of the state capital Kuching.

Long Napir
Long Napir is located in Borneo
Long Napir
Long Napir
Coordinates: 4°10′00″N 115°08′00″E / 4.16667°N 115.13333°E / 4.16667; 115.13333Coordinates: 4°10′00″N 115°08′00″E / 4.16667°N 115.13333°E / 4.16667; 115.13333
Country Malaysia
State Sarawak
Administrative DivisionLimbang
201 m (659 ft)



Long Napir is located at the confluence of two rivers, Sungai Medihit and Sungai Limbang, about 90 miles from Limbang. The nearest town is Nanga Medamit; this can be reached in about four hours by 4WD vehicle on logging tracks, but the journey by river takes a day.[1]


The Resident Office of Limbang has a "URA Hostel" in the Long Napir for the administrative officer who acts as "Up River Agent".[4] There is a primary school, clinic and public telephones; all electricity is from local generators.[1]


The population in 2007 was 241 families,[1] consisting of:

  • Kelabit: 382 adults, 476 children
  • Penan: 166 adults, 134 children

Proposed destructionEdit

A proposed hydroelectric dam project in the upper Limbang river would submerge the village and surrounding district.[5]

Neighbouring settlementsEdit

Neighbouring settlements include:


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