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State Farm Lone Star Showdown

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The State Farm Lone Star Showdown was the traditional rivalry for all varsity men's and women's athletics competitions between the Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Austin. The name comes from Lone Star State, which is the nickname of the state of Texas.[1] The "Lone Star Showdown" moniker was trademarked in 1996.[2]

State Farm Lone Star Showdown
State Farm Lone Star Showdown Logo.png
Texas (6) Texas A&M (2)

Being the two oldest public universities in the State of Texas, the two schools are rivals in major sports (primarily football). The State Farm Lone Star Showdown was created on a two-year trial basis to bring more attention to the rivalry in non-major sports. Both universities boast large living alumni bases (over 665,000) and a significant following from supporters throughout the state and nation. The Lone Star Showdown trophy was awarded to the winning school. The final episode of the annual competition occurred during the 2011–12 academic year, coming to an end following Texas A&M's move to the Southeastern Conference.[3]

Point systemEdit

Points were awarded for all sports in which both schools maintained an intercollegiate team. Each sport was worth one point, which was awarded to the winner of the head-to-head matchup between the two teams. Each team received ½ point for a head-to-head matchup that ended in a tie. In baseball, the team that won the regular season three-game series was awarded one point (and in the rare event of a split caused by each team winning one of the first two games, and the third game being called on account of weather with the game tied or not played, each team would receive ½ point). In sports where the teams met twice during the season — softball, volleyball, and men's and women’s basketball — each contest was worth ½ point.

If the universities did not compete in head-to-head regular season competition, the team that placed higher at the Big 12 Conference Championship would earn the point, and a tie in Big 12 Conference Championship competition would result in the point being split between the two schools. In the sport of track and field, multi-school meets were not counted as head-to-head competition.

There were a total of 19 possible points in each of the annual competitions, with 10 points needed to win. When the competition ended in a 9½ to 9½ tie, the rules provided that the winner of the previous year would retain the title for the following year.[4]

Series history and standingsEdit

  • 2004–05 Winner: Texas — Score: 14½ to 4½
  • 2005–06 Winner: Texas — Score: 14 to 5
  • 2006–07 Winner: Texas — Score: 10½ to 8½
  • 2007–08 Winner: Texas A&M — Score: 10½ to 8½
  • 2008–09 Winner: Texas A&M — Score: Tied 9½ to 9½
  • 2009–10 Winner: Texas – Score: 10 to 9
  • 2010–11 Winner: Texas — Score: Tied 9½ to 9½
  • 2011–12 Winner: Texas — Score: 12 to 7

Previous year's winner retains title in the event of a tie, as per the tie-breaker rule.

Overall results (2004–2012)Edit

  • Total Wins: Texas 6 (63%), Texas A&M 2 (37%)
  • Total Points: Texas 90.5 (60%), Texas A&M 61.5 (40%)

2011–12 scheduleEdit

2006–07 Lone Star Showdown Football Game in Austin, TX
2007–08 Lone Star Showdown Basketball Game in College Station, TX
October 5, 2011 Volleyball Austin FSN ½
October 28, 2011 Soccer Austin LHN 1
October 29, 2011 Big 12 Men's Cross Country Championship College Station 1
October 29, 2011 Big 12 Women's Cross Country Championship College Station 1
November 4, 2011 Women's Swimming & Diving Austin LHN 1
November 23, 2011 Volleyball College Station ½
November 24, 2011 Football College Station ESPN 1
January 11, 2012 Men's Basketball Austin ESPN2 ½
January 11, 2012 Women's Basketball College Station ½
February 3, 2012 Men's Swimming & Diving College Station 1
February 6, 2012 Men's Basketball College Station ESPN ½
February 24–25, 2012 Big 12 Men's Indoor Track & Field Championship College Station 1
February 24–25, 2012 Big 12 Women's Indoor Track & Field Championship College Station 1
March 4, 2012 Women's Basketball Austin FSN ½
April 14, 2012 Men's Tennis Austin LHN 1
April 17, 2012 Women’s Tennis College Station 1
April 27, 2012 Baseball College Station 1
April 28, 2012 Austin FSN
April 29, 2012 LHN
April 27, 2012 Softball College Station ESPN2 1
April 28, 2012 Austin FSN
April 29, 2012 LHN
April 27–29, 2012 Big 12 Men's Golf Championship Trinity, TX 1
April 27–29, 2012 Big 12 Women's Golf Championship Lawrence, KS 1
May 11–13, 2012 Big 12 Men's Outdoor Track & Field Championship Manhattan, KS 1
May 11–13, 2012 Big 12 Women's Outdoor Track & Field Championship Manhattan, KS 1
TOTALS:   7 12

State Farm Scholar-AthleteEdit

Beginning with the 2006–07 school year, State Farm began honoring a member of the home team at each Showdown event as a State Farm Scholar-Athlete for their achievements both in competition and in the classroom.

2009–10 Honorees:

  • Jon Wiegand, Texas, Tennis
  • Loryn Johnson, Texas, Softball
  • Elze Potgieter, Texas A&M, Tennis
  • Michael Wacha, Texas A&M, Baseball
  • Kendal Carillo, Texas, Baseball
  • Kelsea Orsak, Texas A&M, Softball
  • Nathan Walkup, Texas A&M, Basketball
  • Damitria Buchanan, Texas A&M, Basketball
  • Casey Strange, Texas A&M, Swimming & Diving
  • Damion James, Texas, Basketball
  • Justin Mason, Texas, Basketball
  • Dexter Pittman, Texas, Basketball
  • Kristen Nash, Texas, Basketball
  • Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M, Football
  • Adrienne Woods, Texas, Swimming & Diving
  • Rachel Shipley, Texas A&M, Soccer
  • Jennifer Banse, Texas A&M, Volleyball
  • Heather Kisner, Texas, Volleyball

2008–09 Honorees:

  • Keith Shinaberry, Texas, Baseball
  • Kyle Thebeau, Texas A&M, Baseball
  • Erin Tresselt, Texas, Softball
  • Conor Pollock, Texas A&M, Tennis
  • Bailey Schroeder, Texas A&M, Softball
  • Sarah Lancaster, Texas, Tennis
  • La Toya Micheaux, Texas A&M, Basketball
  • Josh Carter, Texas A&M, Basketball
  • Scott Drews, Texas, Swimming & Diving
  • Kathleen Nash, Texas, Basketball
  • Stephanie Logterman, Texas, Soccer
  • Mary Batis, Texas A&M, Volleyball
  • Lauren Paolini, Texas, Volleyball
  • Chris Ogbonnaya, Texas, Football
  • Sarah Woods, Texas A&M, Women's Swimming & Diving
  • Connor Atchley, Texas, Men's Basketball

2007–08 Honorees:

  • Jen Moore, Texas A&M, Volleyball
  • Elisabeth Jones, Texas A&M, Soccer
  • Michelle Moriarty, Texas, Volleyball
  • Stephen McGee, Texas A&M, Football
  • Joseph Jones, Texas A&M, Men's Basketball
  • Mary Yarrison, Texas, Women's Swimming & Diving
  • Alejandro Jacobo, Texas A&M, Men's Swimming & Diving
  • Morenike Atunrase, Texas A&M, Women's Basketball
  • Connor Atchley, Texas, Men's Basketball
  • Earnesia Williams, Texas, Women's Basketball
  • Erin Tresselt, Texas, Softball
  • Anna Blagodarova, Texas A&M, Women's Tennis

2006–07 Honorees:

  • Karen Haight, Texas, Soccer
  • Kristen Heiss, Texas A&M, Women's Swimming & Diving
  • Michelle Moriarty, Texas, Volleyball
  • Neale Tweedie, Texas, Football
  • Earnesia Williams, Texas, Women's Basketball
  • Tyler O'Halloran, Texas, Men's Swimming & Diving
  • Acie Law IV, Texas A&M, Men's Basketball
  • Katy Pounds, Texas A&M, Women's Basketball
  • Craig Winder, Texas, Men's Basketball
  • Kacie Gaskin, Texas, Softball
  • Conor Pollock, Texas A&M, Men's Tennis
  • Petra Dizdar, Texas, Women's Tennis
  • Amanda Scarborough, Texas A&M, Softball
  • Matt Ueckert, Texas A&M, Baseball
  • Bradley Suttle, Texas, Baseball

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