London War Cup

The London War Cup was an English football competition held with the aim of helping to fill the gaping hole left in English football by the FA Cup's cancellation. It was one of several competitions held to provide football matches to entertain the public while the major competitions were suspended; others included the Football League War Cup and the Football League North Cup. Although called the London War Cup, teams from across the south of England took part.

London War Cup
Current championsBrentford FC
Most successful club(s)No club won the cup more than once, although Brentford reached the final twice.


Throughout the latter 1930s it was becoming inevitable that a second World War with Nazi Germany was coming. On 3 September 1939, following Germany's invasion of Poland, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announced war on Nazi Germany. Shortly after war was declared, most competitions were abandoned as the country's attention turned to the war effort. Over 780 footballers signed up to fight in the war and as a result many of England's best teams were depleted – for example, Liverpool saw 76 players sign up, Wolves saw 91 sign up and Huddersfield Town, Leicester City and Charlton Athletic all saw over 60 players sign up for the war. Because of this many teams fielded guest players instead. The FA Cup Extra-Preliminary Round was played, but with hostilities declared before replays took place, and a 50-mile travelling limit, that competition too was abandoned.


Season Winner Runners-up
1940–41 Reading Brentford
1941–42 Brentford Portsmouth