London Buses route 5

London Buses route 5 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Romford Market and Canning Town bus station, it is operated by Blue Triangle.

Blue Triangle EH144 on route 5.jpg
OperatorBlue Triangle
GarageRiver Road
Peak vehicle requirement30 (August 2017)
Began service11 November 1959
Former operator(s)East London
StartRomford Market
EndCanning Town bus station
Length10 miles
Annual patronage11.3 million (2018/19)
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Leyland Titans on Old Street in March 1988

Route 5 was introduced on 11 November 1959 as a replacement for trolleybus routes 567 and 665 between East Ham and Bloomsbury being operated by AEC Routemasters.[1] On 17 April 1971 it was converted to one man operation with Daimler Fleetlines introduced.[2]

Having been altered to operate between Becontree Heath bus station and Canning Town bus station, from privatisation it was operated by East London. On 25 March 2006 it was extended east to Romford Market replacing route 87.[3] On 14 May 2011, the last AEC Routemaster, RML2760 built, operated a special service for charity on route 5 between Romford and Barking.[4]

Upon being re-tendered it passed to Blue Triangle on 26 August 2017.[5][6] On the same date it was altered in Romford to serve Queen's Hospital.[7] It is operated out of River Road garage.[8]

Current routeEdit

Route 5 operates via these primary locations:[9]


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