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Route 27 was introduced between Hounslow and Muswell Hill via current route 281 until Twickenham, Richmond, Kew and Turnham Green. At Camden Town, the route operated to Archway and Muswell Hill. The route was extended from Turnham Green to Hounslow in 1911.[1] The route operated through World War II, when it was used by famous passengers including Peter Cushing to reach the Q Theatre near Kew Bridge.[2][3]

In the 1950s route 27 became the main route and route 27A was withdrawn from being the main route. In 1950, the route took part in trials to reassure the police that eight-foot buses presented no danger to other traffic. The route operated from Holloway garage at the time.[4]

Upon being re-tendered, the route was awarded to First CentreWest's Westbourne Park garage on 11 November 2000. When next re-tendered the route returned to London United's Stamford Brook garage from 12 November 2005.[5]

London United commenced a further contract on 10 November 2012 with the route extended from Turnham Green to Chiswick Business Park.[6] The extension is funded by the London Borough of Hounslow through developer contributions from Chiswick Business Park.[7] New Alexander Dennis Enviro 400H Hybrids were introduced.[8]

New Routemasters cascaded from route 10 were introduced on 24 November 2018.[9]

In March 2019 the section between Chiswick Business Park and Hammersmith Grove was withdrawn. The 24 hour service was also removed with route N27 being introduced to cover the night service.

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Notable driversEdit

Singer Matt Monro was a driver on route 27 prior to beginning his musical career.[11] In January 2011, bus driver Kenny MacKay published a book titled The Road Ahead: Observations of a London Bus Driver about his experiences as a driver on route 27.[12]


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