Lollianus (sometimes rendered in English as Lollian) is a Roman personal name which may refer to many figures of classical antiquity, including:

  • Lollianus (Ulpius Cornelius Laelianus, sometimes called Lollianus Spurius), a general proclaimed emperor by his soldiers in Gaul and very soon murdered; he is one of the "Thirty Tyrants" whose lives are briefly sketched in the Historia Augusta. He is the most important of those sharing the name.
  • Lollianus Avitus, consul in 144, reported by the Historia Augusta (Pert. i.5) to have given Pertinax his first career break.
  • Q. Flavius Maesius Egnatius Lollianus, consul in 355, who appears in the letters of St.¬†Athanasius
  • Q. Hedius Rufus Lollianus Gentianus, son of Lollianus Avitus: according to the Historia Augusta (Pert. vii.7) he dared criticize Pertinax, and got away with it.
  • The orator and philosopher Publius Hordeonius Lollianus.
  • Lollianus Titianus, a man ordered to arm gladiators at Capua in the last days of Didius Julianus, according to the Historia Augusta (Did.Jul. viii.3).
  • St. Lollianus, one of the Seven Martyrs of Samosata, crucified with Saint Hipparchus and Philotheus, Abibus, James, Paregrus and Romanus by the emperor Maximian in 297 for their refusal to participate in public worship of the Roman gods.
  • The author of the Phoinikika (Phoenician Tales).
  • A man sentenced to death by the emperor Valentinian I, ostensibly for authoring a book on black magic.

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