Lokanathan IAS

Lokanathan IAS is a Malayalam language film starring Kalabhavan Mani in the lead role. It was released in 16 September 2005.[1]

Lokanathan IAS
Lokanathan IAS.jpg
Directed byAnil
Produced byM. Mani
Written byBiju Vattappara
StarringKalabhavan Mani
Gayatri Jayaraman
Salim Kumar
Harisree Ashokan
Nishanth Sagar
Anil Murali
Kalashala Babu
KPAC Lalitha
Suja Karthika
Ponnamma Babu
Ambika Mohan
Music byM. Jayachandran (songs)
Rajamani (bgm)
Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri (lyrics)
Edited byP.C. Mohanan
Distributed byAroma Films
Release date
16 September 2005
Running time
102 minutes


Lokanathan, who witnessed his father(TG Ravi)'s murder at a young age, grows up to become an auto-rickshaw diver, the hero of his slum. His father's murderer, a Politician called Brahmanandan, becomes a minister causing harm to the people who elected him. Lokanathan, by the advice of others becomes an IAS officer.

Brahmanandan introduces his niece Durga, an IPS officer, to fight Lokanathan. Soon, Lokan is thrown out from his position. He is fought by the goons of Brahmanandan. But he is saved by Durga, who turns a new leaf and becomes his helper. Later, Lokanathan won the hearts of many people and became an MLA. Brahmanandan, who notes her change, kidnaps and kills Lokanathan's sister in front of him. The film ends with Lokanathan smashing the goons of Brahmanandan, and finally killing him.



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