Lohar or Blacksmith or Panchal also called Iron workers, a social group of people in India. They are known as blacksmiths or Lohars.[1][2] Lohars have been integrated part of Various Kingdom for weapon making from the starting of Human Civilization i.e. Hindu Rajas, Sikh Army, Europe kingdoms etc. They are the Hindu Ruler of Kashmir Lohara Dynasty. Lohars worship Lord Vishwakarma and other Hindu Gods.

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Regions with significant populations
• India • Nepal

They are the descendants of Hindu God Vishwakarma. Lohar are Ruler of Kashmir Lohara Dynasty (Lohar Rajvansh) They form part of a loose grouping of traditionally artisanal castes known as Panchals.[3] Regional synonyms include Vishwakarma and Saifi (for Muslims). Surname in Bihar used as Sharma. Writers of the British Raj period often used the term Lohar as a synonym for blacksmith. There are various Gotra in Hindu Lohar Caste which are given below :-Badgujar,Tanwar,Chauhan,Solanki, Karheda,ParmarBhoond,Dangi,Patwa,Jaspal,Tawda, Dharaa,Shandilya, Bhimra,Bhardwaj

Lohar are using different surnames in different States. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, lohar are using Vishwakarma, and Thakur surname.

Andhra Pradesh: Achari, Chary, and Acharya

Tamil Nadu: Vishvabrahmins, Kamaalar, Aachari or Aasaari

Delhi, Rajasthan : Lohar, Mistri, Panchal

Maharashtra: Suryavanshi, Kale, Dharankar, Chavhan, Pawar, Panhalkar, Yande, Borkar, Ghotekar, Manekar, Dhuratkar, Nagare, Thorat, Ingle, Dangre, Upankar, Mane, Ighe, Lohar, Koshe, Waghodekar, Kumbare, Panvalkar, Dhole, Pakhale. In Konkan Area Shemadkar, Katalkar, Gulekar, Shirvankar, Ghadi, Masurkar, Chapekar, Masurkar, Pomendkar

Gujarat:Panchal, Pitroda, Parmar, Pithva, Suthat, Mistry, Wadia, Gohil.

West Bengal : Karmakar, Lohar

Nepal : Biswakarma/Kami

Rajasthan:Suthar and Jangid Brahmins Bengal Karmakar, Lohar, Raut, Majhi, Guli, Gulimajhi, Dandamajhi, Dalui, Sutar

Orissa : Moharana, Mohapatra, Sutar, Sahu, Parida

Haryana : Tanwar, Panwar, Solanki, Chauhan, Dangi, Karhera, Dharra, Bhavra, Siwal, Lohar, Panchal, Bhardwaj

Assam: Karmakar, Lohar, Vishwakarma

Europe and America: Blacksmith/Smith

Notable Lohars/Ramgarhia/Vishwakarma in World:-

1) Jassa Singh Ramgarhia, a Sikh Warrior who in battle of delhi defeated the Aurangjeb and detached the throne of mugal empire and bring it on elefant to Ameristar, which is kept in Ramgarhia bunga now.

2) Sitaram Panchal a film actor

3) Nizam Lohar from Punjab (India), a freedom fighter 1835–1877)

4) Janardan Karmakar (Canon Maker) of Jahan Kosha Canon around 7 ton weight means destroyer of the world & Dal Madal Kaman (Canon ) which means Destroyer of enemy.

5) Justice J.M. Panchal (Former Judge of Supreme Court of India) from Gujarat

6) Alam Lohar

7) Arif Lohar

Famous Saying about Lohar:-

Sau Sunar ki ek Lohar ki[4]

Himachal PradeshEdit

Tarkhan and Lohar are two castes in Himachal Pradesh.Sikh Lohar are known as Tarkhan.While the Lohar cast has been included in the SC. the Tarkhan caste has been kept in the OBC List of the State . In fact, the two castes are one and the same for all social and matrimonial purposes.

Uttar PradeshEdit

The Lohar are one of the most widespread communities considered as OBC in Uttar Pradesh.[5] They are divided along religious lines, with the Hindu Lohar known as Vishwakarmas and Muslim Lohars known as Saifis. They are further divided into a number of exogamous groupings, the main ones being the sharma, vishwakarma. Most Lohar are still engaged in their traditional occupation of metal fabrication, although the majority of those in western Uttar Pradesh are cultivators. The assimilated Lohar speak Hindi and its various dialects such as Awadhi;[citation needed] other speak the Ho language.[6] they are also known as purbiyas and ujjainiya rajput in up bihar rajsthan madhya pradesh.etc.[7][circular reference]They consider themselves as vishwabrahmins.


The Lohar in Jharkhand are locally known as Lohra or Lohara. They speak regional language such as Nagpuri, Khortha and Kurmali.[8]

Madhya PradeshEdit

The Lohar of Madhya Pradesh come in category and are also called Panchal (5 sub-castes) since Lohar is one of the five sub-castes of Vishwakarma. . People often mistake Vishwakarma Lohar as SC or OBC category but indeed they belong to the category.[9]


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