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Logorama is a 2009 French 16-minute adult animated short action film co-written and directed by H5 (François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy and Ludovic Houplain), and produced by Autour de Minuit. Set in a stylized Los Angeles, the film portrays events told entirely through the extensive use of more than 2,500 contemporary and historical logos and mascots. The film won both the Prix Kodak at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 82nd Academy Awards in 2010.[1]

Logorama poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byFrançois Alaux
Hervé de Crécy
Ludovic Houplain
Produced byAutour de Minuit
Written byFrançois Alaux
Hervé de Crécy
Ludovic Houplain
Gregory J. Pruss
StarringDavid Fincher
Aja Evans
Bob Stephenson
Sherman Augustus
Joel Michaely
Matt Winston
Music byBryan Ray Turcotte
Dayna Turcotte
Edited bySamuel Danési
Autour de Minuit Productions
Little Minx Films
Distributed byCinéma Public Films
Release date
  • May 20, 2009 (2009-05-20) (Cannes)
  • February 19, 2010 (2010-02-19) (Waterloo)
Running time
16 minutes



The film opens with a panorama of Los Angeles, revealing a city where all of the buildings and inhabitants are in some form of commercial branding: Birds are in the form of Bentley and Aston Martin logos and MSN's butterfly; pedestrians in the shape of the AIM icon; and overhead highway signs are mounted on Atlantic Records logos, among others. The Pringles mascot (voiced by David Fincher) pulls into a restaurant's parking lot and propositions an Esso Girl waitress (voiced by Aja Evans) on a smoking break. Meanwhile, Bob's Big Boy (voiced by Joel Michaely) and Haribo Boy (voiced by Matt Winston) are on a tour at a zoo led by a flamboyant Mr. Clean (voiced by Michaely); hating the tour, the two hop off the tour train and soon begin to harass the MGM lion by mooning and throwing a bottle of Coca-Cola at it, prompting the zoo's owner, the Jolly Green Giant (voiced by Michaely), to scold them.

As Michelin Man police officers Mitch and Mike (voiced by Bob Stephenson and Sherman Augustus) order lunch at KFC, a call comes in over the radio stating that a criminal named Ronald McDonald (voiced by Stephenson) is on the loose on a red delivery truck; both Mitch and Mike spot Ronald in his truck and give chase. The pursuit quickly veers out of control, as many innocent bystanders are imperiled. Meanwhile, the kids at the zoo have finished their tour and are back on the school bus, soon nearing the Pizza Hut where Esso Girl is waiting on the Original Pringles mascot and the Pringles Hot & Spicy mascot. Ronald swerves to avoid the school bus and crashes his truck over in front of the Pizza Hut. Several guns and biological weapons spill out of the back of the truck, tempting Big Boy and Haribo to steal and sell them at the black market. Ronald knocks out Haribo with his foot, then takes Big Boy hostage and runs inside the Pizza Hut. Big Boy frees himself by biting Ronald in the arm, before running for cover behind the counter with Esso Girl while an enraged Ronald attempts to shoot him. The police are given the excuse to start firing on Ronald, but Ronald kills one of the police officers.

As the gun battle ensues in the streets, a low rumbling is heard across the entire city to which a giant earthquake erupts, opening a fissure in the shape of Microsoft's Xbox video game console logo that splits the streets of Los Angeles open. Big Boy and Esso Girl escape the rapidly crumbling Pizza Hut using a hijacked police car. While riding through the city on a stolen Grease 2 motorcycle, Ronald drives into a fallen Weight Watchers sign and is thrown off, sliding into a crevasse shaped like the Zenith Electronics logo. As he tries to pull himself back up, he is run over by Esso Girl and Big Boy. The duo barely escape the city, speeding along a curved highway shaped like the VAIO logo. As they near the Hollywood Chewing Gum Hollywood Sign, it falls apart and sends the giant letters crashing onto the highway in front of them. While evading one of the letters, the duo veer off the highway and down a hill, finally crashing their car into an American Century Investments tree. Petroleum oil suddenly erupts from the rifts around town and floods Los Angeles. The hill Esso Girl and Big Boy are stranded on splits in two, revealing a giant North Face logo while the land crumbles around them, swallowed by the sea and leaving the duo on a tiny island together. The film closes with Esso Girl picking up and biting a colored Apple Inc. logo while lying down on the island alongside Big Boy before zooming out to reveal that California has been separated from mainland and is now shaped like the Nike, Inc. logo, but also revealing that the entire universe is made up of even more logos. After the credits, a now-bald, black-eyed and partly-toothless Ronald laughs menacingly and says "I'm lovin' it!"



Logorama explores the extent to which logos are embedded in Earth's daily existence. H5 members explained that, "Logorama presents us with an over-marketed world built only from logos and real trademarks that are destroyed by a series of natural disasters (including an earthquake and a tidal wave of oil). Logotypes are used to describe an alarming universe (similar to the one that we are living in) with all the graphic signs that accompany us everyday [sic] in our lives. This over-organized universe is violently transformed by the cataclysm becoming fantastic and absurd. It shows the victory of the creative against the rational, where nature and human fantasy triumph."[2]

Brands and logosEdit

The entirety of Logorama is made up of brand images and logos, with these brand images and logos used as characters, props, locations, vehicles and other content. Notable uses within the film include McDonald's mascot Ronald McDonald being depicted as the main antagonist, while Michelin Men are depicted as the police. However, some of the logos are also derived from fictional works, such as Slurm from Futurama, the Ghostbusters logo, the Buy-N-Large (BnL) sign from WALL-E and the South Park sign.


Logorama has received the following nominations and awards:

  • Kodak Discovery Award for Best Short Film (the Kodak Prix)- Critics' Week, Cannes Film Festival 2009 – Won
  • Audience Award – Festival International de Curtas Metragans 2009
  • Audience Award – Lille International Short Film Festival 2009
  • Jury's Special Prize, Audience Prize, Fuji Prize for Best Directors – Cinanima International Animated Film Festival 2009
  • Best Short Film – Stockholm International Film Festival 2009
  • Best Direction, Audience Award – Vendôme Film Festival 2009
  • Gold Medal for Animation – Zinebi, Bilbao International Film Festival 2009
  • Oscar for Best Animated Short82nd Academy Awards 2010 – Won
  • Best Short Film – Césars 2011


The 2012 Simpsons episode "A Tree Grows in Springfield" ends with a vignette inspired by Logorama.

See alsoEdit

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