Locus Award for Best First Novel

The Locus Award for Best First Novel is one of the annual Locus Awards presented by the science fiction and fantasy magazine Locus. Awards presented in a given year are for works published in the previous calendar year. The award for Best First Novel was first presented in 1981.[1] The Locus Awards have been described as a prestigious prize in science fiction, fantasy and horror literature.[2][3]

Winners edit

Year Novel[1] Author Ref
1981 Dragon's Egg Robert L. Forward
1982 Starship & Haiku Somtow Sucharitkul
1983 Courtship Rite Donald Kingsbury
1984 Tea with the Black Dragon R. A. MacAvoy
1985 The Wild Shore Kim Stanley Robinson
1986 Contact Carl Sagan
1987 The Hercules Text Jack McDevitt
1988 War for the Oaks Emma Bull
1989 Desolation Road Ian McDonald
1990 Orbital Decay Allen Steele
1991 In the Country of the Blind Michael F. Flynn
1992 The Cipher Kathe Koja
1993 China Mountain Zhang Maureen F. McHugh
1994 Cold Allies Patricia Anthony
1995 Gun, with Occasional Music Jonathan Lethem
1996 The Bohr Maker Linda Nagata
1997 Reclamation Sarah Zettel
Whiteout Sage Walker
1998 The Great Wheel Ian R. MacLeod
1999 Brown Girl in the Ring Nalo Hopkinson
2000 The Silk Code Paul Levinson
2001 Mars Crossing Geoffrey A. Landis
2002 Kushiel's Dart Jacqueline Carey
2003 A Scattering of Jades Alexander C. Irvine
2004 Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Cory Doctorow
2005 Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Susanna Clarke
2006 Hammered / Scardown / Worldwired Elizabeth Bear
2007 Temeraire: His Majesty's Dragon/
Throne of Jade/Black Powder War
Naomi Novik
2008 Heart-Shaped Box Joe Hill
2009 Singularity's Ring Paul Melko
2010 The Windup Girl Paolo Bacigalupi
2011 The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms N. K. Jemisin
2012 The Night Circus Erin Morgenstern
2013 Throne of the Crescent Moon Saladin Ahmed
2014 Ancillary Justice Ann Leckie
2015 The Memory Garden M. Rickert
2016 The Grace of Kings Ken Liu
2017 Ninefox Gambit Yoon Ha Lee
2018 The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter Theodora Goss
2019 Trail of Lightning Rebecca Roanhorse
2020 Gideon the Ninth Tamsyn Muir [4][5]
2021 Elatsoe Darcie Little Badger [6]
2022 A Master of Djinn P. Djèlí Clark [7]
2023 The Mountain in the Sea Ray Nayler

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