Lochinver House School

Coordinates: 51°42′22″N 0°10′59″W / 51.706°N 0.183°W / 51.706; -0.183

Lochinver House School is a preparatory independent school for boys aged between 4 and 13 located in the town of Potters Bar, in Hertfordshire in England. It has approximately 350 boys.[1]

Lochinver House School
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Typeindependent school
MottoPerstare Praestare (Latin: "To Persevere is to Succeed")
FounderHarold Bayley
HeadmasterBen Walker
Age4 to 13
HousesBayley, Salter & Timpson
Colour(s)Pink and Grey


Lochinver House School was founded in 1947 by Harold Bayley who had been headmaster at Aylesford House School. When the lease for Aylesford House ran out he purchased a run down house in Potters Bar called Lochinver. The house itself (which would have been pulled down but for the war) was being used by a pharmaceutical firm as a warehouse for Nivea Cream and other products. It was in a bad state of repair, having suffered from both natural decay and bomb damage. Bayley's good friend Willoughby Salter was asked to run the Potters Bar school and immediately set about getting it ready for pupils. The school opened in late September with around 30 boys and the following year the number was up to about 100.

Following Salter's retirement in 1961, Michael Timpson took over the mastership and was in control until 1968. He was succeeded by William Herbert, whose mastership ran until 1970 at which time Richard Armitage became headmaster. Armitage oversaw the development of the Sports Hall in 1980, music centre in 1985 and Salter Block in 1988. The school's playing field, Green Meadow, was purchased in 1980, converted for use and now offers football and rugby pitches plus facilities for cricket and athletics. Armitage retired in 1989 as the longest serving headmaster in the school's history: a record he still holds to this day.

What followed were two years of instability with Bill Sargeant and David Fuller taking over the mastership for one year apiece. Fuller left the job in 1991 when he moved to Retford Oaks School in Nottinghamshire and was succeeded by Patrick Atkinson.

Atkinson oversaw some major changes during his mastership such as the creation of the Dining Hall and Theatre complex in 1998. The nineties were also a strong decade for sport with yearly football tours to Germany, plus return tournaments at Green Meadow. When Atkinson left in 2002 to become headmaster at Beechwood Park School he was replaced by Jeremy Gear, who was the current headmaster. Under Gear's mastership the school has seen its first international rugby tour in 2008 to South Africa plus he has had the privilege of overseeing the Diamond Jubilee in 2007.


  • 1947-61 Willoughby Salter
  • 1961-68 Michael Timpson
  • 1968-70 William Herbert
  • 1970-89 Richard Armitage
  • 1989-90 Bill Sargeant
  • 1990-91 David Fuller
  • 1991-02 Patrick Atkinson
  • 2002–11 Jeremy Gear
  • 2011- Ben Walker

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School HousesEdit

The School Houses of Lochinver are named after the founder and two early headmasters: Bayley, Salter, and Timpson.[2]