Local Governance (Scotland) Act 2004

The Local Governance (Scotland) Act 2004 (asp 9) is an Act of the Scottish Parliament which provided, amongst other things, for the election of councillors to the local authorities in Scotland by the single transferable vote system.

Local Governance (Scotland) Act 2004
Act of the Scottish Parliament
Long titleAn Act of the Scottish Parliament to make provision for the election of councillors by single transferable vote and in relation to candidates to be councillor; to make provision in relation to certain restrictions upon being a councillor and upon former councillors; to make new provision about remuneration for and other payments to councillors; and for connected purposes.
Citation2004 asp 9
Territorial extentScotland
Royal assent29 July 2004
CommencementAugust 2004 – May 2007
Other legislation
Amended by
Status: Amended
Text of the Local Governance (Scotland) Act 2004 as in force today (including any amendments) within the United Kingdom, from legislation.gov.uk.

The Commission on Local Government and the Scottish Parliament reported in June 2000.[1] The introduction of proportional representation in local authority elections was a key demand of the Liberal Democrats when they entered into coalition with the Labour Party in the Scottish Executive.[2]

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