St Cadwaladr's church, Llangadwaladr, Anglesey

Llangadwaladr (About this soundWelsh pronunciation) is a small village in south-west Anglesey, Wales, located around 2 miles east of Aberffraw and 3 miles south of Gwalchmai. It is part of the community of Bodorgan.

The village is a short distance from the ancient llys (English: royal court) of the kings of Gwynedd, and is reputed to have been their royal burial ground. The inscription on one monumental stone in the church (pictured) reads "Catamanus rex sapientisimus opinatisimus omnium regum" (English: King Cadfan, most wise and renowned of all kings), suggesting that Cadfan ap Iago (c. 569 – c. 625) King of Gwynedd, is buried there.[1] One of the windows of St Cadwaladr's church dates from the 12th century.[2] The advowson (right of presentation) of the benefice lay with the monarch until Disestablishment (1920).

Eryl Stephen Thomas (1910-2001), bishop of Monmouth and subsequently of Llandaff was born in this parish.

King Cadfan's gravestone in Llangadwaladr church


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Coordinates: 53°11′44″N 4°25′19″W / 53.1956°N 4.4219°W / 53.1956; -4.4219