Llanfihangel Din Sylwy

Llanfihangel Din Sylwy (spelling variants include Llanfihangel Din Silwy and Llanfihangel Tyn Sylwy) is a small, coastal (former) parish in the commote of Dindaethwy in north-east Anglesey, three miles north-northwest of Beaumaris.

Southern scarp of Bwrdd Arthur
St Michael's church

A scattered settlement, it is distinguished by a hillfort known as Din Sylwy or Bwrdd Arthur and by a late medieval church dedicated to St. Michael (Welsh: Mihangel). The hillfort constitutes a relatively flat but partly overgrown area, 600 yards from the Irish Sea. Two entrances have been detected. The small fifteenth-century church consists of a simple nave and chancel and preserves a number of original features.

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Coordinates: 53°18′42″N 4°07′15″W / 53.3116°N 4.1208°W / 53.3116; -4.1208