Liu Fei, Prince of Qi

Liu Fei (simplified Chinese: 刘肥; traditional Chinese: 劉肥), formally King Daohui of Qi (Chinese: 齊悼惠王; died 189 BC) was the eldest son of Liu Bang, Emperor Gaozu of Han, and Consort Cao—initially his mistress. After Liu Bang decisively defeated Xiang Yu in the Battle of Gaixia in 202 BC, he proclaimed himself the emperor of the new Han dynasty and named Liu Fei, his first son, the King of Qi.[1]

Liu Fei
King/Prince of Qi
Reign201–189 BC
Died189 BC
Posthumous name
King Daohui of Qi (齊悼惠王)
FatherEmperor Gaozu of Han
MotherConsort Cao



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Prince Daohui of Qi
 Died: 189 BC
Chinese royalty
Preceded by Prince of Qi
202 BC – 189 BC
Succeeded by