Liu Fangping

Liu Fangping (Chinese: 劉方平) (c.742 in Luoyang – c.779) was a Tang Dynasty poet.[1] Among twenty-six extant poems Moonlit Night (月夜) and Spring Grief (春怨)[2] are among the best known.

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The Three Hundred Tang Poems is an anthology of poems from the Chinese Tang Dynasty (618–907) first compiled in or around the year 1763 by Sun Zhu (1722–1778), a Qing Dynasty era scholar, who was also known as Hengtang Tuishi (衡塘退士 "Retired Master of Hengtang"). The inclusion of 2 of Liu Fangping's poems in this popular and best-selling collection of poetry gives proof of this poet's notability.

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  1. ^ 唐诗300首 (300 Tang Dynasty Poems) 1997 Page 483 "Liu Fangping Liu Fangping (circa 742–779) His official career started quite early, but he resigned from office when he reached his thirties to live a hermit's life. He was a poet-friend of Huangfu Ran. Not only a poet, he had the grace of painting... The extant poems of his, numbering only twenty-six, are also for a large part done in singing the beauty of natural landscapes and his native village with a pulse of nostalgia.."
  2. ^ Xiaolong Qiu 中國古典愛情詩選: In Chinese and English 2003 "Spring Grief Liu Fangping (742?-779?) The sun setting against the gauze curtain, the dusk is drawing nearer when she sheds tears, alone, in her magnificent room. The courtyard appears so deserted, the spring on the decline, pear petals"

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