/ (/lj/ or /lj/;[1] romanised as Liu, Lau, Leo, Ryu, Lieu, Liou) is a Chinese surname. pinyin: Liú in Mandarin Chinese, Lau4 in Cantonese. It is the family name of the Han dynasty emperors. Today, it is the 4th most common surname in Mainland China as well as one of the most popular names in the world.[2][3]

PronunciationLiú ([ljǒu]) (Pinyin)
Lâu (Pe̍h-ōe-jī)
Language(s)Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese
Language(s)Old Chinese
Other names
Variant form(s)Liú (Mandarin)
Lau (Cantonese)
Lieu (Shanghainese)
Lưu (Vietnamese)
Yoo, Ryu (Korean)
See alsoLuu
Yoo (Korean surname)


In 2019 劉 was the fourth most common surname in Mainland China.[4] Additionally, it was the most common surname in Jiangxi province. In 2013 it was found to be the 5th most common name, shared by 67,700,000 people or 5.100% of the population, with the province with the most people being Shandong.[5]


One source is that they descend from the Qí (祁) clan of Emperor Yao. For example the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty (one of China's golden ages), Liu Bang (Emperor Gaozu of Han) was a descendant of Emperor Yao.

Another origin is from the Jī (姬) clan of King Qing of Zhou. For example, Duke Kang of Liu [zh], the youngest son of King Qing of Zhou, founded the state of Liu [zh] and his descendants took state names as surname.


Liu was the ruling family of the Han dynasty, one of the most prosperous and influential empires in Chinese history. After the Chen Sheng Wu Guang uprising overthrew the Qin, the Han dynasty was founded by Emperor Liu Bang. Later, Emperor Liu Che helped expand the Han dynasty even further, ushering in a golden age for China.

The Han dynasty had 30 emperors were surnamed Liu, making it among the Chinese dynasties that had the most emperors. The Han dynasty lasted 400 years, making it one of the longest lasting Chinese empires in history. The Han is what gives its name to the Han people as well as Han characters / Hanzi / Chinese characters.

Even after the Han dynasty, several Liu continued to hold power within China including Liu Bei (written about in Records of the Three Kingdoms) and Liu Yuan (Han Zhao).

Over history, several non-Han Chinese peoples have converted to the Liu surname, including Xiongnu and Turks (after the collapse of the Tang dynasty).

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